Friday, 15 April 2016

April 2016: Control Needs Time

Fumiya Tanaka 'You Find The Key' (Perlon) 01/04/16 (Album)
Moderat 'III' (Mute/Monkeytown) 01/04/16 (Album)
Nisennenmondai '#N/A' (On-U Sound) 01/04/16 (Album)
Brand Image 'Are You Loving?' (Dark Entries) 04/04/16 (Reissue)
Dario Dell'Aere 'Eagles In The Night' (Dark Entries) 04/04/16 (Reissue)
GHIBLI 'I'm Looking For You' (Dark Entries) 04/04/16 (Reissue)
Some Bizarre 'Don't Be Afraid' (Dark Entries) 04/04/16 (Reissue)
Morgan Geist 'Super EP' (Environ) 06/04/16 (Reissue)
Nurse With Wound 'Soliloquy For Lilith' (Dirter) 06/04/16 (Reissue)
Teho Teardo & Blixa Bargeld 'Nerissimo' (Specula) 08/04/16 (Album)
Model 500 'The Chase' (Metroplex) 08/04/16 (Reissue)
Cluster '1971-1981' (Bureau B) 08/04/16 (Boxset)
Various 'Selected Label Works 5' (Permanent Vacation) 08/04/16 (Compilation)
Einstürzende Neubauten 'Liebeslieder' (Studio !K7) 11/04/16 (DVD Reissue)
Wassermann 'Die Schallplatte' (Profan) 15/04/16 (Single)
Alan Fitzpatrick 'fabric 87' (Fabric) 15/04/16 (Compilation)
Superpitcher 'So Far So Super' (Kompakt) 15/04/16 (Compilation)
Dennis Young 'WAVE. Electronic Music 1984-1988' (Bureau B) 22/04/16 (Album)
Borderland 'Transport' (Tresor) 24/04/16 (Album)
Arbeit Schickert Schneider 'ASS' (Bureau B) 29/04/16 (Album)
Stimming 'Alpe Lusia' (Diynamic) 29/04/16 (Album)
Wire 'Nocturnal Koreans' (Pinkflag) 29/04/16 (Mini Album)
Various 'Pampa Vol. 1' (Pampa) 29/04/16 (Compilation)
Kerrier District 'Kerrier District 1' (Hypercolour) 29/04/16 (Reissue)
BEAK> 'Couple In A Hole OST' (Invada) (Album)

Monday, 14 March 2016

[March 2016: Oppression Breeds Violence]

Ambiq 'Ambiq 2 Remixed' (Arjunamusic) 02/03/16 (EP)
Ancient Methods & Cindytalk 'In The Mouth Of The Wolf' (Diagonal) 04/03/16 (EP)
Qluster 'Echtzeit' (Bureau B) 04/03/16 (Album)
The Orb 'Alpine' (Kompakt) 07/03/16 (Single)
Sueño Latino with Manuel Goettsching 'Sueño Latino (Synthesis Mixes)' (Dance Floor Corporation) 08/03/16 (Single)
Borderland 'Riod' (Tresor) 11/03/16 (Single)
Information Society 'Orders Of Magnitude' (Hakatak) 11/03/16 (Album)
The KVB 'Of Desire' (Invada) 11/03/16 (Album)
Various 'New York Noise - Dance Music from the New York Underground 1977-1982' (Soul Jazz) 12/03/16 (Reissue)
Frank Wiedemann 'Moorthon' (Innervisions) 18/03/16 (EP)
Clark 'The Last Panthers' (Warp) 18/03/16 (Album)
Sølyst 'The Steam Age' (Bureau B) 18/03/16 (Album)
Underworld 'Barbara Barbara, We Face a Shining Future' ( 18/03/16 (Album)
Matthias Meyer 'Watergate 20' (Watergate) 18/03/16 (Compilation)
Various 'I'm Starting To Feel OK Vol. 7' (Mule Musiq) 18/03/16 (Compilation)
Prins Thomas 'D (Hieroglyphic Being Remixes)' (Smalltown Supersound) 21/03/16 (Single)
Various 'So Low Remixes' (The Vinyl Factory) 21/03/16 (EP)
New Order 'Singularity' (Mute) 25/03/16 (Single)
Dieter Moebius 'Blotch' (Bureau B) 25/03/16 (Reissue)
Dieter Moebius 'Nurton' (Bureau B) 25/03/16 (Reissue)
William S. Burroughs 'Call Me Burroughs' (Superior Viaduct) 25/03/16 (Reissue)
Larry Levan 'Genius Of Time' (Universal Music Catalogue) 25/03/16 (Compilation)
Various 'X' (Kontra-Musik) 29/03/16 (Compilation)

Monday, 15 February 2016

February 2016 . ritual burning ritual

Zwischenwelt 'Paranormale Aktivität' (Clone Aqualung Series) 01/02/16 (Reissue)
Hunter/Game 'Adaptation' (Kompakt) 05/02/16 (Album)
Junior Boys 'Big Black Coat' (City Slang) 05/02/16 (Album)
Not Waving 'Animals' (Diagonal) 05/02/16 (Album)
Sunn O))) 'DØMKIRKE' (Southern Lord) 05/02/16 (Reissue)
Wolfsheim 'The Sparrows and the Nightingales' (Dark Entries) 09/02/16 (Reissue)
Kerrier District '4 (Remixes)' 10/02/16 (Hypercolour) (Single)
Final Cut 'Deep Into The Cut' (We Can Elude Control) 16/02/16 (Reissue)
Moderat 'Reminder' (Mute / Monkeytown) 19/02/16 (Single)
Moderat 'Reminder - Remixes' (Mute / Monkeytown) 19/02/16 (Single)
Reinhard Voigt 'Reisen & Speisen' (Kompakt) 19/02/16 (Single)
Matmos 'Ultimate Care II' (Thrill Jockey) 19/02/16 (Album)
Prins Thomas 'Principe Del Norte' (Smalltown Supersound) 19/02/16 (Album)
The Pop Group 'For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder?' (Freaks R Us) 19/02/16 (Reissue)
Eats Everything 'Fabric 86' (Fabric) 19/02/16 (Compilation)
JD Twitch 'So Low' (The Vinyl Factory) 19/02/16 (Compilation)
Jega '1995' (Skam) 19/02/16 (Compilation)
Moodymann 'DJ-Kicks' (!K7) 19/02/16 (Compilation)
Andrew Weatherall 'Convenanza' (Rotters Golf Club) 26/02/16 (Album)
James Holden / Luke Abbott 'Outdoor Museum of Fractals / 555Hz' (Border Community) 26/02/16 (Album)
Various 'Belgica OST' (PIAS) 26/02/16 (Album)
Various 'Tessellations' (Houndstooth) 26/02/16 (Compilation)
Surgeon 'Search Deep Inside Yourself' (Blueprint) 29/02/16 (EP)

Saturday, 16 January 2016

[January 2016] Walking Backwards

Tiger & Woods 'Scoring Clubs Pt. 2' (T&W) 08/01/16 (EP)
The Woodleigh Research Facility 'The Phoenix Suburb' (Rotters Golf Club) 08/01/16 (Album)
Monolake ‎'C G' (Monolake / Imbalance Computer Music) 15/01/16 (Single)
Muslimgauze / Underspreche 'Optimo Trax 018' (Optimo Trax) 15/01/16 (EP)
Prins Thomas 'Toransu' (Full Pupp) 15/01/16 (EP)
The Orb 'Moonbuilding 2703 AD (Remixes)' (Kompakt) 15/01/16 (EP)
Dave DK 'Val Maira Remixe' (Kompakt) 19/01/16 (Single)
Gagarin Kombinaatti '83-85' (Sähkö) 19/01/16 (Compilation)
Alex Smoke 'Love Over Will' (R&S) 22/01/16 (Album)
This Heat 'This Heat' (Light in the Attic) 22/01/16 (Reissue)
This Heat 'Health and Efficiency' (Light in the Attic) 22/01/16 (Reissue)
This Heat 'Deceit' (Light in the Attic) 22/01/16 (Reissue)
Jesse Rose 'Fabriclive 85' (Fabric) 22/01/16 (Compilation)
Savages 'Adore Life' (Matador) 26/01/16 (Album)
Manuel Göttsching 'E2-E4' (MG.ART) 26/01/16 (Reissue)
Neil Landstrumm 'Extreme Pleasure EP' (Zone) 27/01/16 (EP)
Massive Attack 'Ritual Spirit' (Virgin/EMI) 28/01/16 (EP)
Pole 'Lurch (Version)' (Pole) 29/01/16 (Single)
Sueño Latino with Manuel Goettsching 'Sueno Latino With Manuel Gottsching Performing E2 E4' (Dance Floor Corporation) 29/01/16 (Reissue)
Surgeon 'From Farthest Known Objects' (Dynamic Tension) 29/01/16 (Album)
Baumann/Koek 'Baumann/Koek' (Bureau B) 29/01/16 (Reissue)
Sound Patrol 'Sweetened - No Lemon' (Arts & Labour) 29/01/16 (Reissue)

Friday, 11 December 2015

December 2015.Dust Settles

Clarian 'Mission To Bars' (Kompakt) 04/12/15 (Single)
Richard Fearless 'Overview Effect' (Drone) 04/12/15 (Single)
Stereo MC's feat. Terranova 'Deeper EP' (Connected) 04/12/15 (EP)
Franck Vigroux & Matthew Bourne 'Radioland: Radio-Activity Revisited' (Leaf) 04/12/15 (Album)
Sunn O))) 'Kannon' (Southern Lord) 04/12/15 (Album)
Irmin Schmidt 'Electro Violet' (Mute/Spoon) 04/12/15 (Box Set)
Lush 'Chorus' (4AD) 04/12/15 (Box Set)
Four Tet ‎'Pink' (Text) 04/12/15 (Reissue)
Swans 'White Light From The Mouth Of Infinity / Love Of Life' (Mute) 04/12/15 (Reissue)
Russell Haswell 'As Sure As Night Follows Day (Remixes)' (Diagonal) 07/12/15 (Single)
Severed Heads 'Clifford Darling, Please Don't Live In The Past' (Dark Entries) 08/12/15 (Reissue)
3 Channels 'Speicher 88' (Kompakt Extra) 11/12/15 (Single)
New Order 'Tutti Frutti' (Mute) 11/12/15 (Single)
Terranova 'Siegfried EP' (Kompakt Exklusiv) 11/12/15 (EP)
Die Form ÷ Musique Concrete 'Cinema Obscura' (Bain Total) 11/12/15 (Album)
Richie Hawtin 'From My Mind To Yours' (Plus 8) 11/12/15 (Album)
Baby Ford 'Fabric 85' (Fabric) 11/12/15 (Compilation)
Black Devil Disco Club 'H-Friend - Japan Remixes' (Alter-K) 12/12/15 (Single)

Sunday, 15 November 2015

November 2015 New Edge Folk Classics

Severed Heads 'Lamborghini/Petrol EP' (Dark Entries) 06/11/15 (Reissue)
Bernd Kistenmacher 'Head-Visions' (Bureau B) 06/11/15 (Reissue)
Bernd Kistenmacher 'Wake Up In The Sun' (Bureau B) 06/11/15 (Reissue)
Esplendor Geométrico 'Selected Tracks 1: 1992-1998' (Geometrik) 06/11/15 (Box Set)
Harmonia & Eno 76 'Edward Versions' (Die Orakel) 11/11/15 (Single)
Black Devil Disco Club 'H-Friend - Dance Remixes' (Alter-K) 13/11/15 (Single)
Harmonia 'Complete Works' (Grönland) 13/11/15 (Box Set)
Various 'Pop Ambient 2016' (Kompakt) 13/11/15 (Compilation)
Cybordelics 'Adventures In Dama (Remixes)' (Harthouse) 16/11/15 (Single)
Horror Inc 'Remixed' (Perlon) 16/11/15 (EP)
Physical Therapy 'Hit The Breaks' (Liberation Technologies) 20/11/15 (EP)
Rex The Dog 'You Are A Blade' (Kompakt) 20/11/15 (Single)
Underworld 'Second Toughest in the Infants' (Universal) 20/11/15 (Reissue)
Various 'The Sound Of The 16th Season' (Cocoon) 20/11/15 (Compilation)
Black Devil Disco Club 'H-Friend - Vox Remixes' (Alter-K) 27/11/15 (Single)
Daniel Avery 'Sensation / Clear' (Phantasy Sound) 27/11/15 (EP)
Bibio 'Fi' (Warp) 27/11/15 (Reissue)
Bibio 'Ambivalence Avenue' (Warp) 27/11/15 (Reissue)
New Order 'Music Complete' (Mute) 27/11/15 (Deluxe Box Set)
Lush 'Ciao!' (4AD) 27/11/15 (Compilation)
Shift Work 'Document II' (Houndstooth) 30/11/15 (EP)
Sonns 'Teacher' (Kompakt) 30/11/15 (Single)

Monday, 12 October 2015

[October 2015] Keep Your Crossover

IAMX 'Metanoia' (Metropolis) 02/10/15 (Album)
Various 'Science Fiction Dancehall Classics' (On-U Sound) 02/10/15 (Compilation)
Camouflage feat. Peter Heppner ‎'Count On Me' (Bureau B) 09/10/15 (Single)
MG 'MG EP' (Mute) 09/10/15 (EP)
New Order 'Restless' (Mute) 09/10/15 (Single)
Rote 'EP 1' (BleeD) 09/10/15 (EP)
COMA 'This Side Of Paradise' (Kompakt) 09/10/15 (Album)
!!! 'As If' (Warp) 16/10/15 (Album)
Luke Vibert 'Bizarster' (Planet Mu) 16/10/15 (Album)
Snog 'Compliance' (Metropolis) 16/10/15 (Album)
Mathew Jonson 'Fabric 84' (Fabric) 16/10/15 (Compilation)
Various 'Paradise Goulash' (Eskimo) 18/10/15 (Compilation)
Lord Of The Isles 'Clearness Of Love' (Permanent Vacation) 23/10/15 (EP)
Death In June 'Best Of Lounge Corps' (Soleilmoon) 23/10/15 (Compilation)
Tropic Of Cancer 'Stop Suffering' (Blackest Ever Black) 30/10/15 (EP)
Tropic Of Cancer 'Archive: The Downwards Singles' (Blackest Ever Black) 30/10/15 (EP)
Coil 'Backwards' (Cold Spring) 30/10/15 (Album)
Roots Manuva 'Bleeds' (Big Dada) 30/10/15 (Album)
J Dilla 'Dillatronic' (Vintage Vibez) 30/10/15 (Compilation)
Various 'Ostgut Ton | Zehn' (Ostgut Ton) 30/10/15 (Compilation)