Wednesday, 19 June 2013

[June 2013]

The Sonic Aesthetic 'New Districts' (The Sonic Aesthetic) 03/06/13 (EP)
Redshape 'Red Pack II' (Delsin and Present) 03/06/13 (Mini-Album)
Stimming 'Stimming' (Diynamic) 03/06/13 (Album)
The Orb & Lee 'Scratch' Perry 'More Tales From The Orbservatory' (Cooking Vinyl) 03/06/13 (Album)
Carl Craig 'Masterpiece' (Ministry of Sound) 03/06/13 (Compilation)
John Foxx 'Metadelic' (Edsel/Demon) 03/06/13 (Compilation) 
Covenant 'Last Dance' (Dependent) 07/06/13 (EP)
Boards Of Canada 'Tomorrow's Harvest' (Warp) 10/06/13 (Album)
Jan St. Werner 'Blaze Colour Burn' (Thrill Jockey) 10/06/13 (Album)
Juan Atkins and Moritz von Oswald 'Borderland' (Tresor) 10/06/13 (Album)
Download 'LingAM' (Metropolis) 11/06/13 (Album)
Mathew Jonson 'Her Blurry Pictures' (Crosstown Rebels) 11/06/13 (Album)
Clock DVA 'Post-Sign' (Anterior) 14/06/13 (Album)
Austra 'Olympia' (Domino) 17/06/13 (Album)
James Holden 'The Inheritors' (Border Community) 17/06/13 (Album)
Public Image Limited 'First Issue' (Light in the Attic) 18/06/13 (Reissue)
De/Vision 'Strange Days' (Popgefahr) 21/06/13 (Box-Set)
Mark Pritchard 'Ghosts' (Warp) 24/06/13 (EP)
Matthew Herbert 'The End of Silence' (Accidental) 24/06/13 (Album)
The Mole 'Caregiver' (Maybe Tomorrow) 24/06/13 (Album)
ยต-Ziq 'Chewed Corners' (Planet Mu) 25/06/13 (Album)
Black Merlin / White Lodge '22.05 / Swung' (World Unknown) 26/06/13 (Single)
Youngtee & Joe Hart / Andy Blake 'Invisible Men / Haunted Mechanism' (World Unknown) 26/06/13 (Single)