Saturday, 14 February 2015

February 2015. Black Is The Colour Of My True Love's Hair

Perbec 'Chaser' (Autoreply) 02/02/15 (Single) 
John Tejada 'Signs Under Test' (Kompakt) 02/02/15 (Album)
John Carpenter 'Lost Themes' (Sacred Bones) 03/02/15 (Album)
Download 'Charlie's Family' (Artoffact) 10/02/15 (Reissue)
8:58 '8:58' (ACP) 16/02/15 (Album)
The Orb 'History Of The Future Part 2' (Malicious Damage) 16/02/15 (Box Set)
William S. Burroughs 'Nothing Here Now But The Recordings' (Dais) 16/02/15 (Reissue)
Joseph Capriati 'fabric 80' (fabric) 16/02/15 (Compilation)
Carter Tutti 'Carter Tutti Play Chris & Cosey' (CTI) 17/02/15 (Album)
Populäre Mechanik 'Kollektion 03 Compiled by Holger Hiller' (Bureau B) 21/02/15 (Compilation)
Planetary Assault Systems 'The Eyes Themselves' (Mote Evolver) 23/02/15 (EP)
The Pop Group 'Citizen Zombie' (Freaks R Us) 23/02/15 (Album)
Trevor Jackson 'F O R M A T' (The Vinyl Factory) 25/02/15 (Limited Album)
Magda 'Balance 027' (Balance Music) 27/02/15 (Compilation)