Friday, 31 December 2010

Top Albums 2010

Autechre 'Oversteps' (Warp) 
Brendan Perry 'Ark' (Cooking Vinyl)
Faust 'Faust Is Last' (Klangbad)
Four Tet 'There Is Love In You' (Domino)
Funki Porcini 'On' (Ninja Tune)
Holy Fuck 'Latin' (Young Turks)
Marcel Dettmann 'Dettmann' (Ostgut Ton)
MRI 'Heroes' (Resopal) 
Solvent 'Subject To Shift' (Ghostly International)
To Rococo Rot 'Speculation' (Domino)

Thursday, 23 December 2010

December 2010

Solomun 'Love Recycled' (2DIY4) 06/12/10 (EP)
LCD Soundsystem 'The London Sessions' (DFA) 06/12/10 (Album)
Joy Division '+-' (Rhino) 06/12/10 (Box Set)
Various 'A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Exploding In Your Mind Volume 3 - The 3rd Ear' (Monstrous Bubble) 06/12/10 (Compilation)
Various 'Fabric 55: Shackleton' (Fabric) 06/12/10 (Compilation)
Various 'Tirk 03' (Tirk) 06/12/10 (Compilation)
Various 'Downbeat Selection Volume 1 - Oceanbeat' (Compost) 10/12/10 (Compilation)
Jürgen Paape 'Kompilation' (Kompakt) 17/12/10 (Compilation)
nsi. 'Sync' (Non Standard Productions) (Album)

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

November 2010 New Music!

Various 'Hoya 001' (Hoya:Hoya) 01/11/10 (EP)
Farben 'Farben' (Faitiche) 05/11/10 (EP)
Hardfloor 'Two Guys Three Boxes' (Hardfloor) 05/11/10 (Album)
The Young Gods 'Everybody Knows' (Two Gentlemen) 05/11/10 (Album)
Various 'Right To Play' (Permanent Vacation) 05/11/10 (Compilation)
The Machine 'RedHead' (Rekids) 08/11/10 (Album)
Einstürzende Neubauten 'Strategies Against Archiecture IV' (Mute) 08/11/10 (Compilation)
King Cannibal 'The Way Of The Ninja' (Ninja Tune) 08/11/10 (Compilation)
Various 'Crosstown Rebels Presents Rebel Rave' (Crosstown Rebels) 08/11/10 (Compilation)
Various 'Superlongevity Five' (Perlon) 08/11/10 (Compilation)
Depeche Mode 'Tour Of The Universe - Live In Barcelona' (EMI/Mute) 08/11/10 (DVD)
Various 'WAU! Mr. Modo's Impossible Oddities' (Year Zero) 09/11/10 (Compilation)
Snog 'The Dissolving Satellite Of Egoism Overturned' (Hymen) 11/11/10 (Compilation)
The Bug 'Infected' (Ninja Tune) 15/11/10 (EP)
Thievery Corporation 'It Takes A Thief' (Eighteenth Street Lounge) 15/11/10 (Compilation)
Die Krupps 'Als Wären Wir Für Immer' (Synthetic Symphony) 19/11/10 (Album)
Die Krupps 'Stahlwerksinfonie' (Synthetic Symphony) 19/11/10 (Reissue)
Various 'The Sound Of The Eleventh Season' (Cocoon) 19/11/10 (Compilation)
Massive Attack 'Atlas Air' (The Vinyl Factory) 22/11/10 (Limited EP)
Nine Inch Nails 'Pretty Hate Machine' 22/11/10 (Reissue)
Various 'Disconnect: Leo Zero' (Strut) 22/11/10 (Compilation)
Various 'Synth Wave 10' (Rough Trade) 22/11/10 (Compilation)

Thursday, 28 October 2010

[Octubre 2010]

ANBB 'Mimikry' (Raster-Noton) 04/10/10 (Album)
Gang Of Four 'Content' 04/10/10 (Album)
The Orb feat. David Gilmour 'Metallic Spheres' (Columbia) 04/10/10 (Album)
Yann Tiersen 'Dust Lane' (Mute) 04/10/10 (Album)
Various 'Secret Weapons' (DJ History) 04/10/10 (Compilation)
The Black Dog 'Final Collected Vexations' (Soma) 11/10/10 (Compilation)
Various 'Fabric 54: Damian Lazarus' (Fabric) 11/10/10 (Compilation)
DMX Krew 'Wave Funk' (Rephlex) 18/10/10 (Album)
Random Factor 'Outlaw' (2020 Vision) 18/10/10 (Album)
Squarepusher presents Shobaleader One 'd'Demonstrator' (Warp) 18/10/10 (Album)
Covenant 'Lightbringer' (Synthetic Symphony) 22/10/10 (Limited Single)
Magda 'From the Fallen Page' (M_nus) 22/10/10 (Album)
Bot'Ox 'Babylon By Car' (I'm A Cliche) 23/10/10 (Album)
Front Line Assembly 'Angriff' (Dependent) 25/10/10 (Single)
H.O.S.H. 'Connecting The Dots' (Diynamic) 25/10/10 (Album)
Appliance 'Re-Conditioned' (RROOPP) 25/10/10 (Compilation)
Various 'Fifteen 1995 - 2010' (Skint) 25/10/10 (Compilation)
Various 'Fünf' (Ostgut Ton) 25/10/10 (Compilation)
Caribou 'Swim Remixes' (City Slang) 26/10/10 (Compilation)
Various 'Apparat DJ KiCKS' (!K7) 26/10/10 (Compilation)
Various '8 Years of Get Physical' (Get Physical) 29/10/10 (Compilation)
The Glimmers 'Whomp That Sucker' (Gomma) (Album)

Monday, 27 September 2010

September 2010

Various 'Italo! House! Now! Compilation Sampler' (Gomma) 03/09/10 (Single)
X Marks The Pedwalk 'Visual Journey' (Infacted) 03/09/10 (DVD)
Detachments 'Holiday Romance' (Thisisnotanexit) 06/09/10 (Single)
Goldfrapp 'Believer' (Mute) 06/09/10 (Single)
Grinderman 'Heathen Child' (Mute) 06/09/10 (Limited Single)
Superpitcher 'Kilimanjaro' (Kompakt) 06/09/10 (Album)
Various 'Selected Label Works 2' (Permanent Vacation) 10/09/10 (Compilation)
Grinderman 'Grinderman 2' (Mute) 13/09/10 (Album)
Sutekh 'On Bach' (Creaked) 13/09/10 (Album)
Various 'Green & Blue - Steve Bug & Chris Tietjen In The Mix' (Cocoon) 13/09/10 (Compilation)
Seefeel 'Faults' (Warp) 20/09/10 (Limited Single)
Detachments 'Detachments' (Thisisnotanexit) 20/09/10 (Album)
Matthew Herbert 'One Club' (Accidental) 20/09/10 (Album)
Chris Carter 'The Spaces Between' (Optimo Music) 20/09/10 (Reissue)
Various 'Future Bass' (Soul Jazz) 20/09/10 (Compilation)
Various 'Ninja Tune XX' (Ninja Tune) 20/09/10 (Boxset)
Flying Lotus 'Pattern+Grid World' (Warp) 21/09/10 (EP)
Swans 'My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky' (Young God) 23/09/10 (Album)
Marc Houle 'Drift' (M_nus) 27/09/10 (Album)
Various 'Bugged Out! presents Suck My Deck: Friendly Fires' (!K7) 27/09/10 (Compilation)
Model 500 'OFI / Huesca' (R&S) (EP)
Barbara Morgenstern 'Fan No.2' (Monika Enterprise) (Compilation)

Sunday, 29 August 2010

August 2010

Propaganda 'A Secret Wish' (ZTT) 02/08/10 (Reissue)
Pan Sonic & Haino Keiji 'Synergy Between Mercy And Self-Annihilation Overturned' (Blast First Petite) 03/08/10 (Album)
Frank Bretschneider 'EXP' (Raster Noton) 06/08/10 (Album)
PVT 'Church with No Magic' (Warp) 09/08/10 (Album)
Plastikman 'Kompilation' (M_nus) 13/08/10 (Compilation)
Matthew Dear 'Black City' (Ghostly International) 16/08/10 (Album)
Death In June 'Peaceful Snow / The Maverick Chamber' (ExtremOcidente) 23/08/10 (Limited Single)
Die Krupps 'Beyond' (Synthetic Symphony) 23/08/10 (Single)
!!! 'Strange Weather, Isn’t It?' (Warp) 23/08/10 (Album)
Klaxons 'Surfing The Void' (Polydor) 23/08/10 (Album)
Sistol 'On the Bright Side' (Halo Cyon) 24/08/10 (Album)
Kiki 'Cinema Obscura' (BPitch Control) 30/08/10 (Single)
Squarepusher presents Shobaleader One 'Cryptic Motion' (Ed Banger) 30/08/10 (EP)
Various 'Songs For Endless Cities: Brackles' (!K7/Cool In The Pool) 31/08/10 (Compilation)
Various 'Total 11' (Kompakt) 31/08/10 (Compilation)

Saturday, 31 July 2010

(out) july 2010

Stefano e Bene 'Why Your Love' (Compost Disco) 02/07/10 (Single)
!!! 'AM/FM / The Hammer' (Warp) 05/07/10 (Single)
Grasscut '1 Inch / ½ Mile' (Ninja Tune) 05/07/10 (Album)
Various 'Milky Disco 3: to.the.stars.' (Lo) 05/07/10 (Compilation)
How To Destroy Angels 'How To Destroy Angels EP' (The Null Corporation) 06/07/10 (EP)
Robert Babicz 'Remote Kiss' (Babiczstyle) 12/07/10 (EP)
Autechre 'Move Of Ten' (Warp) 12/07/10 (Album)
Various 'Fabric 53: Surgeon' (Fabric) 12/07/10 (Compilation)
Matmos & So Percussion 'Treasure State' (Cantaloupe) 13/07/10 (Album)
Front Line Assembly 'Explosion' (Synthetic Symphony) 16/07/10 (Reissue)
Four Tet 'Angel Echoes' (Domino) 19/07/10 (Single)
Project Pitchfork 'Continuum Ride' (Trisol) 23/07/10 (Album)
Jimmy Edgar 'XXX' (!K7) 26/07/10 (Album)
Sistol 'Sistol (Remasters & Remakes)' (Halo Cyon) 27/07/10 (Reissue)

Friday, 18 June 2010

they just keep coming don't they. june 2010

Goldfrapp 'Alive' (Mute) 07/06/10 (Single)
Brendan Perry 'Ark' (Cooking Vinyl) 07/06/10 (Album)
Mathew Jonson 'Agents of Time' (Wagon Repair) 07/06/10 (Album)
Pan Sonic 'Gravitoni' (Blast First Petite) 07/06/10 (Album)
Trentemøller 'Into the Great Wide Yonder' (In My Room) 07/06/10 (Album)
Cold Cave 'Life Magazine' 08/06/10 (Single)
Front Line Assembly 'Shifting Through The Lens' (Metropolis) 08/06/10 (Single)
Paul White 'Paul White & The Purple Brain' (One-Handed Music / Now-Again) 08/06/10 (Album)
Wolfgang Voigt 'Freiland Klaviermusik' (Profan) 08/06/10 (Album)
Grasscut 'Door In The Wall' (Ninja Tune) 14/06/10 (Single)
Chicken Lips 'Show Your Shape - The Best Of Chicken Lips' (Tirk) 14/06/10 (Compilation)
Michael Mayer 'Immer 3' (Kompakt) 14/06/10 (Compilation)
Various 'Compilation J' (Cocoon) 14/06/10 (Compilation)
Various 'CD 12' (International DeeJay Gigolos) 15/06/10 (Compilation)
Dj T 'The Inner Jukebox Remix' (Get Physical) 16/06/10 (EP)
Snog 'City' (Psy-Harmonics) 16/06/10 (EP)
Reboot 'Shunyata' (Cadenza) 16/06/10 (Album)
Front Line Assembly 'Improvised Electronic Device' (Dependent) 18/06/10 (Album)
Patrick Pulsinger 'Impassive Skies' (Disko B) 18/06/10 (Album)
Robert Hood 'Omega Man' (M-Plant) 21/06/10 (Album)
diskJokke 'En Fin Tid' (Smalltown Supersound) 22/06/10 (Album)
Various 'Horse Meat Disco II' (Strut) 22/06/10 (Compilation)
Various 'Kode9 DJ-Kicks' (!K7) 22/06/10 (Compilation)
Jurgen Paape / Gus Gus 'Come Into My Life / Hateful' (RAR) 25/06/10 (Single)
Wolfgang Voigt 'Freiland Geduld Remix' (Protest) 25/06/10 (EP)
Burger/Ink 'Las Vegas 2010' (Kompakt Klassiks) 25/06/10 (Reissue)
Various 'Body Language Vol.9 Mixed by DJ Hell' (Get Physical) 25/06/10 (Compilation)
Orbital 'Don't Stop Me / The Gun Is Good' (ACP) 27/06/10 (Single)
Interference 'Interference' (The Social Registry) 28/06/10 (Album)
Various 'Berghain 04: Ben Klock' (Ostgut Ton) 28/06/10 (Compilation)

Monday, 31 May 2010

May 2010 – way too many this time around -

Funki Porcini 'On' (Ninja Tune) 01/05/10 (Album)
Booka Shade 'More!' (Get Physical) 03/05/10 (Album)
Flying Lotus 'Cosmogramma' (Warp) 03/05/10 (Album)
Headman '1923' (Relish) 03/05/10 (Album)
Various 'Clicks & Cuts 5.0 - Paradigm Shift' (Mille Plateaux) 07/05/10 (Compilation)
Zander VT 'Some More' (BPitch Control) 10/05/10 (Single)
A Guy Called Gerald 'Tronic Jazz: The Berlin Sessions' (Laboratory Instinct) 10/05/10 (Album)
Holy Fuck 'Latin' (Young Turks) 10/05/10 (Album)
The Black Dog 'Music For Real Airports' (Soma) 10/05/10 (Album)
UNKLE 'Where Did The Night Fall' (Surrender All) 10/05/10 (Album)
Current 93 'Like Swallowing Eclipses (Dreamt by Andrew Liles)' (Dirter Promotions) 10/05/10 (Vinyl Box Set)
NEU! 'NEU!' (Gronland) 10/05/10 (Limited Box Set)
Various 'Fabric 52: Optimo' (Fabric) 10/05/10 (Compilation)
Various 'Roman Flugel's Live at Robert Johnson' (Live at Robert Johnson) 10/05/10 (Compilation)
Zs 'New Slaves' (The Social Registry) 11/05/10 (Album)
Atari Teenage Riot 'Activate' (DHR) 17/05/10 (Single)
Slam vs. The Black Dog 'Azure / CCTV Nation' (Soma) 17/05/10 (Single)
Jamie Lidell 'Compass' (Warp) 17/05/10 (Album)
LCD Soundsystem 'This Is Happening' (DFA) 17/05/10 (Album)
Superpitcher 'Kilimanjaro' (Kompakt) 17/05/10 (Album)
Axodry 'Feel It Right' (Infacted) 17/05/10 (Compilation)
Various 'An Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music / Second A-Chronology 1936-2003' (Sub Rosa) 17/05/10 (Reissue)
Ellen Allien 'Dust' (BPitch Control) 19/05/10 (Album)
Todd Terje 'Remaster of the Universe' (Permanent Vacation) 21/05/10 (Compilation)
Faust 'Faust Is Last' (Klangbad) 24/05/10 (Album)
Mock & Toof 'Tuning Echoes' (Tiny Sticks) 24/05/10 (Album)
Various 'James Holden DJ-Kicks' (!K7) 24/05/10 (Compilation)
The Cure 'Disintegration: Deluxe Edition' (Polydor) 24/05/10 (Reissue)
Front Line Assembly 'Shifting Through the Lens' (Dependent) 28/05/10 (Single)
Matthew Herbert 'Recomposed by Matthew Herbert Mahler Symphony X' (Deutsche Grammophon) 28/05/10 (Album)
Technasia 'Central' (Technasia) 31/05/10 (Album)
Monte Cazazza 'The Cynic' (Blast First Petite) (Album)

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

[Abril 2010]

Matthew Herbert 'One One' (Accidental) 05/04/10 (Album)
Revolting Cocks 'Got Cock?' (13th Planet) 09/04/10 (Album)
Fuckpony 'Burning Remix' (BPitch Control) 12/04/10 (Single)
Paul White 'My Guitar Whales / The Bright Future' (One-Handed Music / Now-Again) 12/04/10 (Single)
Ark 'Arkpocalypse Now' (Perlon) 12/04/10 (Album)
Various 'Musica Libre' (Cocoon) 16/04/10 (Compilation)
Jahcoozi 'Barefoot Wanderer' (BPitch Control) 19/04/10 (Album)
Recoil 'Selected' (Mute) 19/04/10 (Compilation)
Various 'Elektronische Musik: Experimental German Rock & Electronic Music 1972-1983' (Soul Jazz) 19/04/10 (Compilation)
Marcel Dettmann 'Dettmann' (Ostgut Ton) 26/04/10 (Album)
The Fall 'Your Future Our Clutter' (Domino) 26/04/10 (Album)
Various 'Juan MacLean DJ-Kicks' (!K7) 27/04/10 (Compilation)
Front 242 'Moments in Budapest' (Alfa Matrix) 30/04/10 (Limited DVD)
Psychic TV 'Themes' (Cold Spring) (Boxset)
Various 'Compost Black Label Series Vol. 4' (Compost) (Compilation)

Sunday, 7 March 2010

March 2010 new music

Ellen Allien 'Pump' (BPitch Control) 01/03/10 (Single)
Grasscut 'Muppet' (Ninja Tune) 01/03/10 (Single)
The Love Supreme 'New Millennium Freaks' (Tirk) 01/03/10 (Album)
Various 'Zen and the Art of Disco' (Tirk) 01/03/10 (Compilation)
Michael Fakesch 'Exchange' (Musik Aus Strom) 05/03/10 (Compilation)
Goldfrapp 'Rocket' (Mute) 08/03/10 (Single)
Gonjasufi 'A Sufi & A Killer' (Warp) 08/03/10 (Album)
Stephan Eicher 'Spielt Noise Boys' (Born Bad) 08/03/10 (Album)
Foals 'Total Life Forever' (Transgressive) 10/03/10 (Album)
Various 'Once Again, Again' (Plus 8) 12/03/10 (Compilation)
Various 'Re:3' (Ware) 12/03/10 (Compilation)
Donnacha Costello 'Before We Say Goodbye' (Poker Flat) 15/03/10 (Album)
Ulrich Schnauss 'Missing Deadlines - Selected Remixes' (Rocket Girl) 15/03/10 (Compilation)
Various 'Balance 016: Agoria' (EQ) 15/03/10 (Compilation)
De/Vision 'Popgefahr' (Popgefahr) 19/03/10 (Album)
X Marks The Pedwalk 'Inner Zone Journey' (Infacted) 19/03/10 (Album)
Autechre 'Oversteps' (Warp) 22/03/10 (Album)
Goldfrapp 'Head First' (Mute) 22/03/10 (Album)
Various 'Fabric 51: Dj T' (Fabric) 22/03/10 (Compilation)
808 State '808:90' (Salvo) 23/03/10 (Reissue)
808 State 'ex:el' (Salvo) 23/03/10 (Reissue)
808 State 'Gorgeous' (Salvo) 23/03/10 (Reissue)
808 State 'Don Solaris' (Salvo) 23/03/10 (Reissue)
Robert Babicz 'Immortal Changes' (Systematic) 26/03/10 (Album)
Bonobo 'Black Sands' (Ninja Tune) 29/03/10 (Album)
Cobblestone Jazz 'The Modern Deep Left Quartet' (!K7) 29/03/10 (Album)
Prins Thomas 'Prins Thomas' (Full Pupp) 29/03/10 (Album)
To Rococo Rot 'Speculation' (Domino) 29/03/10 (Album)
Thomas Fehlmann 'Gute Luft: 24h Berlin OST' (Kompakt) 30/03/10 (Album)

[February 2010]
Hot Chip 'One Life Stand' (EMI) 01/02/10 (Album)
MRI 'Heroes' (Resopal) 01/02/10 (Album)
Various 'Compilation 2010' (Soma) 01/02/10 (Compilation)
Various 'Watergate 05: Ellen Allien' (Watergate) 01/02/10 (Compilation)
Nice Nice 'See Waves' (Warp) 08/02/10 (Single)
Babe Rainbow 'Shaved EP' (Warp) 08/02/10 (EP)
Freestyle Man 'The Bottom Line' (Hairy Claw) 08/02/10 (Album)
Massive Attack 'Heligoland' (EMI) 08/02/10 (Album)
Mika Vainio 'Time Examined' (Raster-Noton) 08/02/10 (Compilation)
Somatic Responses 'Neon' (Hymen) 12/02/10 (Album)
Dance Disorder 'Zusammen' (BPitch Control) 15/02/10 (Single)
Errors 'Come Down With Me' (Rock Action) 15/02/10 (Album)
Excepter 'Presidence' (Paw Tracks) 15/02/10 (Album)
Ewan Pearson 'We Are Proud Of Our Choices' (Kompakt) 15/02/10 (Compilation)
Various 'Fabriclive 50: D-Bridge and Instra:mental' (fabric) 15/02/10 (Compilation)
Snog 'Last Of The Great Romantics' (Hymen) 16/02/10 (Album)
Damian Lazarus 'Diamond In The Dark' (Get Physical) 17/02/10 (Single)
Bomb the Bass 'Back To Light' (K7) 18/02/10 (Album)
SOG 'Abweichung' (Profan) 22/02/10 (EP)
Alex Smoke 'Lux' (Hum+Haw) 22/02/10 (Album)
Architect 'Consume Adapt Create' (Hymen) 22/02/10 (Album)
LoneLady 'Nerve Up' (Warp) 22/02/10 (Album)
Various 'Boogy Bytes Vol. 05: Seth Troxler' (Bpitch Control) 22/02/10 (Compilation)
Various 'Bustin' Out - New Wave To New Beat: The Post Punk Era 1979-1981' (Year Zero) 22/02/10 (Compilation)
Various 'Cold Waves and Minimal Electronics Vol. 1.' (Angular) 22/02/10 (Compilation)
Various 'Making Contakt — The Documentary' (M_nus) 26/02/10 (DVD)

Sunday, 31 January 2010

[January 2010]

LoneLady 'Intuition' (Warp) 08/01/10 (Single)
X Marks The Pedwalk 'Seventeen' (Infacted) 08/01/10 (EP)
DJ Food 'The Shape Of Things That Hum' (Ninja Tune) 11/01/10 (Single)
Various 'fabric 50: Martyn' (fabric) 11/01/10 (Compilation)
Various 'Mandarinen Träume: Electronic Escapes from the Deutsche Demokraktische Republik 1981-1989' (Permanent Vacation) 15/01/10 (Compilation)
Blockhead 'The Music Scene' (Ninja Tune) 18/01/10 (Album)
Various 'Elevator Music Vol. 1' (fabric) 18/01/10 (Compilation)
Lindstrøm & Christabelle 'Real Life Is No Cool' (Smalltown Supersound) 19/01/10 (Album)
Nitzer Ebb 'Industrial Complex' (Major) 22/01/10 (Album)
Depeche Mode 'Peace' (EMI) 25/01/10 (Limited Single)
Errors 'A Rumour In Africa' (Rock Action) 25/01/10 (Single)
Gonjasufi 'Kowboyz and Indians' (Warp) 25/01/10 (Single)
Four Tet 'There Is Love In You' (Domino) 25/01/10 (Album)
Jaga Jazzist 'One-Armed Bandit' (Ninja Tune) 25/01/10 (Album)
Nitzer Ebb 'Catalogue' (Mute) 25/01/10 (Box Set)
Nitzer Ebb 'Compilation' (EMI) 25/01/10 (Box Set)
Alec Empire/Atari Teenage Riot 'Sixteen Years Of Video Material' (Monitorpop) 25/01/10 (DVD)
Various 'The Minimal Wave Tapes' (Stones Throw) 26/01/10 (Compilation)
Fuckpony 'Fall Into Me' (Bpitch Control) (Single)
Telefon Tel Aviv 'Immolate Yourself' (Bpitch Control) (Single)
Stefan Goldmann 'Haven't I Seen You Before' (The Tapeworm) (Limited Edition Cassette)