Monday, 15 February 2016

February 2016 . ritual burning ritual

Zwischenwelt 'Paranormale Aktivität' (Clone Aqualung Series) 01/02/16 (Reissue)
Hunter/Game 'Adaptation' (Kompakt) 05/02/16 (Album)
Junior Boys 'Big Black Coat' (City Slang) 05/02/16 (Album)
Not Waving 'Animals' (Diagonal) 05/02/16 (Album)
Sunn O))) 'DØMKIRKE' (Southern Lord) 05/02/16 (Reissue)
Wolfsheim 'The Sparrows and the Nightingales' (Dark Entries) 09/02/16 (Reissue)
Kerrier District '4 (Remixes)' 10/02/16 (Hypercolour) (Single)
Final Cut 'Deep Into The Cut' (We Can Elude Control) 16/02/16 (Reissue)
Moderat 'Reminder' (Mute / Monkeytown) 19/02/16 (Single)
Moderat 'Reminder - Remixes' (Mute / Monkeytown) 19/02/16 (Single)
Reinhard Voigt 'Reisen & Speisen' (Kompakt) 19/02/16 (Single)
Matmos 'Ultimate Care II' (Thrill Jockey) 19/02/16 (Album)
Prins Thomas 'Principe Del Norte' (Smalltown Supersound) 19/02/16 (Album)
The Pop Group 'For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder?' (Freaks R Us) 19/02/16 (Reissue)
Eats Everything 'Fabric 86' (Fabric) 19/02/16 (Compilation)
JD Twitch 'So Low' (The Vinyl Factory) 19/02/16 (Compilation)
Jega '1995' (Skam) 19/02/16 (Compilation)
Moodymann 'DJ-Kicks' (!K7) 19/02/16 (Compilation)
Andrew Weatherall 'Convenanza' (Rotters Golf Club) 26/02/16 (Album)
James Holden / Luke Abbott 'Outdoor Museum of Fractals / 555Hz' (Border Community) 26/02/16 (Album)
Various 'Belgica OST' (PIAS) 26/02/16 (Album)
Various 'Tessellations' (Houndstooth) 26/02/16 (Compilation)
Surgeon 'Search Deep Inside Yourself' (Blueprint) 29/02/16 (EP)