Wednesday, 18 December 2013

[December 2013] black polished chrome music

BFZ 'Uff' (Trelik) 02/12/13 (EP)
DJ Koze 'Amygdala Remixes 1' (Pampa) 02/12/13 (Single)
Todd Terje 'Spiral' (Olsen) 02/12/13 (Single)
Can 'Can Vinyl Box' (Mute) 02/12/13 (Box Set) 
Ben Sims 'Fabric 73' (Fabric) 02/12/13 (Compilation)
Your Silent Face 'A Place Where Arms Bend Backwards' (Fiedeltwo) 06/12/13 (Single)
Factory Floor 'Turn It Up' (DFA) 09/12/13 (Single)
Swayzak & Richard Davis 'Shut Me Down' (CONSTRUCT) 09/12/13 (EP) 
Psychic TV 'Live At Thee Marquee' (Cold Spring) 09/12/13 (Album)
Psychic TV 'Thee Fabulous Feast Ov Flowering Light' (Cold Spring) 09/12/13 (Album)
Psychic TV 'Hacienda' (Cold Spring) 09/12/13 (Album)
Audion 'Audion X'(Spectral Sound) 09/12/13 (Compilation)
Burial 'Rival Dealer' (Hyperdub) 16/12/13 (Single)
Death In June 'Live in Wien 2011' (Neroz) 16/12/13 (Live Album)
Laibach 'Iron Sky Director’s Cut OST' (Mute) 16/12/13 (Limited Album)
Playgroup 'Reproductions Vol. 2' (Playgroup) 16/12/13 (Compilation)

Sunday, 17 November 2013

[November 2013]

Booka Shade 'Eve' (Blaufield Music/Embassy One) 01/11/13 (Album)
Cut Copy 'Free Your Mind' (Modular) 04/11/13 (Album)
Cabaret Voltaire '#8385 (Collected Works 1983–1985)' (Mute) 04/11/13 (Box Set)
Irmin Schmidt 'Villa Wunderbar' (Mute / Spoon) 04/11/13 (Compilation)
DJ Harvey 'Sarcastic Study Masters Vol. 2' 04/11/13 (Reissue)
Public Image Ltd 'Rise / Warrior' (Virgin) 04/11/13 (Reissue)
Various 'Die Welt ist Klang' (Carpe Sonum) 08/11/13 (Compilation)
Conrad Schnitzler 'Gold' (Bureau B) 08/11/13 (Reissue)
Conrad Schnitzler 'Silber/Silver' (Bureau B) 08/11/13 (Reissue)
James Holden 'Circle Of Fifths' (Border Community) 11/11/13 (Single)
Mesh 'Adjust Your Set' (Dependent) 11/11/13 (Single) 
Jackson And His Computer Band 'G.I. Jane (Fill Me Up)' (Warp) 11/11/13 (EP)
ÄÄNIPÄÄ 'Through A Pre-Memory' (Editions Mego) 11/11/13 (Album)
Justus Köhncke 'Justus Köhncke & The Wonderful Frequency Band' (Kompakt) 11/11/13 (Album)
L.B. Dub Corp 'Unknown Origin' (Ostgut Ton) 11/11/13 (Album)
Various 'City Sound Berlin' (Berlin Music Days) 11/11/13 (Compilation)
Massive Attack 'Mezzanine' (The Vinyl Factory) 11/11/13 (Reissue)
Various 'Selected Label Works 4' (Permanent Vacation) 15/11/13 (Compilation)
Asmus Tietchens 'In Die Nacht' (Bureau B) 15/11/13 (Reissue)
Asmus Tietchens 'Litia' (Bureau B) 15/11/13 (Reissue)
The Time & Space Machine 'The Magic Hour EP' (Tirk) 18/11/13 (EP)      
Various 'The Sound Of The 14th Season' (Cocoon) 18/11/13 (Compilation)
Boards Of Canada 'Twoism' (Warp)  18/11/13 (Reissue)
Boards Of Canada 'In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country' (Warp)  18/11/13 (Reissue)
Boards Of Canada 'Trans Canada Highway' (Warp)  18/11/13 (Reissue)
Function 'Remixes' (Ostgut Ton) 25/11/13 (EP) 
Various 'The Sound Of Belgium' (La Musique Fait La Force) 25/11/13 (Compilation)
Sunn O))) 'Black One' (Southern Lord) 29/11/13 (Reissue)

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

[October 2013 / Ibiza = Las Vegas]

Goblin 'Tour 2013' (Death Waltz) 01/10/13 (EP)
Four Tet 'Beautiful Rewind' (Text) 03/10/13 (Album)
Daniel Avery 'Drone Logic' (Because / Phantasy Sound) 07/10/13 (Album)
The Orb 'History Of The Future' (Island) 07/10/13 (Box Set)
Swans 'Not Here/Not Now' (Young God) 14/10/13 (Live Album) 
The Knife 'Let’s Talk About Gender Baby, Let’s Talk About You and Me' (Mute) 15/10/13 (Single)
Booka Shade 'Love Inc' (Blaufield Music/Embassy One) 18/10/13 (Single)
Neil Landstrumm 'Dragon Under' (Sneaker Social Club) 21/10/13 (Album)
Omar Souleyman 'Wenu Wenu' (Ribbon) 21/10/13 (Album)
Rhadoo 'Fabric 72' (Fabric) 21/10/13 (Compilation)
Boards Of Canada 'Music Has The Right To Children' (Warp) 21/10/13 (Reissue)
Boards Of Canada 'Geogaddi' (Warp) 21/10/13 (Reissue)
Boards Of Canada 'The Campfire Headphase' (Warp) 21/10/13 (Reissue)
Public Image Ltd 'Album' (Virgin) 21/10/13 (Reissue)
Die Krupps 'The Machinists of Joy' (Synthetic Symphony) 25/10/13 (Album)
Ulrich Schnauss & Mark Peters 'Tomorrow Is Another Day' (Bureau B) 25/10/13 (Album)
Autechre 'L-event' (Warp) 28/10/13 (EP)
Kaito 'Until The End Of Time' (Kompakt) 28/10/13 (Album)
Public Image Ltd 'This is Not a Love Song' (Virgin) 28/10/13 (Reissue)
3D and the Art of Massive Attack (The Vinyl Factory) 28/10/13 (Book)
COUM Transmissions 'Home Aged & The 18 Month Hope' (Dais) 29/10/13 (Album)
Cut Hands 'Damballah 58' (Blackest Ever Black) (Single)

Sunday, 15 September 2013

September 2013's Disco Dementia

Jackson And His Computer Band 'Glow' (Warp) 02/09/13 (Album)
Mika Vainio / Joachim Nordwall 'Monstrance' (Touch) 02/09/13 (Album)
Wolfgang Voigt 'Zukunft Ohne Menschen' (Profan) 02/09/13 (Limited Album)
The Asphodells 'Remixed' (Rotters Golf Club) 02/09/13 (Compilation)
Various 'Classic Jams' (Poker Flat) 02/09/13 (Compilation)
Various 'The Pink Collection' (Eskimo) 02/09/13 (Compilation)
Nine Inch Nails 'Hesitation Marks' (Columbia) 03/09/13 (Album)
Covenant 'Leaving Babylon' (Dependent) 06/09/13 (Album)
Factory Floor 'Factory Floor' (DFA) 09/09/13 (Album)
Goldfrapp 'Tales Of Us' (Mute) 09/09/13 (Album)
Marcel Dettmann 'Dettmann II' (Ostgut-Ton) 16/09/13 (Album)
Nightmares On Wax 'Feelin’ Good' (Warp) 16/09/13 (Album)
Senking 'Capsize Recovery' (Raster-Noton) 16/09/13 (Album)
Clark 'Feast/Beast' (Warp) 16/09/13 (Compilation)
Popol Vuh 'Affenstunde' (Wah Wah) 16/09/13 (Reissue)
Popol Vuh 'In den Gärten Pharaos' (Wah Wah) 16/09/13 (Reissue)
Popol Vuh 'Hosianna Mantra' (Wah Wah) 16/09/13 (Reissue)
Popol Vuh 'Seligpreisung' (Wah Wah) 16/09/13 (Reissue)
Popol Vuh 'Einsjäger und Siebenjäger' (Wah Wah) 16/09/13 (Reissue)
Lawrence 'Films & Windows' (Dial) 17/09/13 (Album)
Various '20 Years Of Downwards' (Downwards) 18/09/13 (Compilation)
Trentemøller 'Lost' (In My Room) 23/09/13 (Album)
Schneider TM 'Guitar Sounds' (Bureau B) 27/09/13 (Album)
Various 'Various' (Ostgut Ton) 30/09/13 (EP)
The Oscillation 'From Tomorrow' (All Time Low/Hands In The Dark) 30/09/13 (Album)
Black Lung 'The Business Of Selling' (M-tronic) (EP)

Monday, 12 August 2013

August 2013 / Sein und Zeit

Various 'A Field In England OST' (Rook Films) 01/08/13 (Compilation)
Moderat 'II' (Monkeytown) 02/08/13 (Album)
Various 'Mutazione' (Strut) 06/08/13 (Compilation)
The Bug 'Filthy' (Ninja Tune) 12/08/13 (EP)
John Foxx + Jori Hulkkonen 'European Splendour' (Sugarcane) 19/08/13 (EP)
Ricardo Villalobos and Max Loderbauer 'Turbo Semantic' (Perlon) 19/08/13 (EP)
Tosca 'Tlapa - The Odeon Remixes' (!K7) 19/08/13 (Remix Album)
Cassy 'Fabric 71' (fabric) 19/08/13 (Compilation)
Trevor Jackson 'Metal Dance 2 (Industrial / Post-Punk / EBM Classics & Rarities 79-88)' (Strut) 19/08/13 (Compilation)
Various 'Kollektion 2' (Kompakt) 19/08/13 (Compilation)
Mark Fell 'N-Dimensional Analysis' (Liberation Technologies) 26/08/13 (EP)
The Knife 'The Knife' (Artist Intel) 27/08/13 (Reissue)
The Knife 'Deep Cuts' (Artist Intel) 27/08/13 (Reissue)
Max Loderbauer 'Transparenz' (Non Standard Productions) (Album)

Friday, 19 July 2013

[July 2013] money_is_not_our_god

Dead Can Dance 'Children of the Sun' (PIAS) 01/07/13 (Single)
Tiger & Woods 'Golden Bear' (Editainment) 01/07/13 (EP)
Frank Bretschneider 'Super.Trigger' (Raster-Noton) 01/07/13 (Album)
Marcel Fengler 'Fokus' (Ostgut Ton) 08/07/13 (Album)
New Order 'Live at Bestival 2012' (Sunday Best Recordings) 08/07/13 (Album)
Tiefschwarz 'The Mix Collection: Tale of Us' (Renaissance) 08/07/13 (Compilation)
Front Line Assembly 'Echogenetic' (Dependent) 09/07/13 (Album)
DJ Hell 'Kern Vol. 2' (Tresor) 15/07/13 (Compilation)
Cabaret Voltaire 'Red Mecca' (Mute) 22/07/13 (Reissue) 
Fuck Buttons 'Slow Focus' (ATP Recordings) 22/07/13 (Album)
Horror Inc. 'Briefly Eternal' (Perlon) 22/07/13 (Album)
The Knife 'A Tooth For An Eye' (Mute) 23/07/13 (Single)
Cut Hands 'The Madwoman' (Downwards) 29/07/13 (EP)
Paul White 'Watch the Ants' (One-Handed Music) 29/07/13 (EP)
Various 'Acid Rain: Definitive Original Acid & Deep House 1985-1991' (Harmless) (Compilation)

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

[June 2013]

The Sonic Aesthetic 'New Districts' (The Sonic Aesthetic) 03/06/13 (EP)
Redshape 'Red Pack II' (Delsin and Present) 03/06/13 (Mini-Album)
Stimming 'Stimming' (Diynamic) 03/06/13 (Album)
The Orb & Lee 'Scratch' Perry 'More Tales From The Orbservatory' (Cooking Vinyl) 03/06/13 (Album)
Carl Craig 'Masterpiece' (Ministry of Sound) 03/06/13 (Compilation)
John Foxx 'Metadelic' (Edsel/Demon) 03/06/13 (Compilation) 
Covenant 'Last Dance' (Dependent) 07/06/13 (EP)
Boards Of Canada 'Tomorrow's Harvest' (Warp) 10/06/13 (Album)
Jan St. Werner 'Blaze Colour Burn' (Thrill Jockey) 10/06/13 (Album)
Juan Atkins and Moritz von Oswald 'Borderland' (Tresor) 10/06/13 (Album)
Download 'LingAM' (Metropolis) 11/06/13 (Album)
Mathew Jonson 'Her Blurry Pictures' (Crosstown Rebels) 11/06/13 (Album)
Clock DVA 'Post-Sign' (Anterior) 14/06/13 (Album)
Austra 'Olympia' (Domino) 17/06/13 (Album)
James Holden 'The Inheritors' (Border Community) 17/06/13 (Album)
Public Image Limited 'First Issue' (Light in the Attic) 18/06/13 (Reissue)
De/Vision 'Strange Days' (Popgefahr) 21/06/13 (Box-Set)
Mark Pritchard 'Ghosts' (Warp) 24/06/13 (EP)
Matthew Herbert 'The End of Silence' (Accidental) 24/06/13 (Album)
The Mole 'Caregiver' (Maybe Tomorrow) 24/06/13 (Album)
µ-Ziq 'Chewed Corners' (Planet Mu) 25/06/13 (Album)
Black Merlin / White Lodge '22.05 / Swung' (World Unknown) 26/06/13 (Single)
Youngtee & Joe Hart / Andy Blake 'Invisible Men / Haunted Mechanism' (World Unknown) 26/06/13 (Single)

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

May 2013, even bigger than Reznor's greed

Rex The Dog 'Do You Feel What I Feel' (Southern Fried) 06/05/13 (Single)
Savages 'Silence Yourself' (Pop Noir) 06/05/13 (Album)
Stefan Goldmann 'Live At Honen-In Temple' (Macro) 06/05/13 (Album)
Caribou 'Start Breaking My Heart' (Leaf) 06/05/13 (Reissue)
Caribou 'Up In Flames' (Leaf) 06/05/13 (Reissue)
Caribou 'The Milk Of Human Kindness' (Leaf) 06/05/13 (Reissue)
Various 'The Underground Sound Of Glasgow (Mixed By JD Twitch)' (Glasgow Underground) 06/05/13 (Compilation)
Modeselektor 'We Are Modeselektor' (Monkeytown) 09/05/13 (DVD)
Four Tet 'Rounds' (Domino) 13/05/13 (Reissue)
Rodion G.A. 'The Lost Tapes' (Strut) 13/05/13 (Compilation)
Steffi 'Panorama Bar 05' (Ostgut Ton) 13/05/13 (Compilation)
Boredoms 'Pop Tartari' (1972 Records) 14/05/13 (Reissue)
Boredoms 'Chocolate Synthesizer' (1972 Records) 14/05/13 (Reissue)
Carter Tutti 'Coolicon' (CTI) 20/05/13 (Single)
µ-Ziq 'XTEP' (Planet Mu) 20/05/13 (Single)
Om 'Gethsemane' (Drag City) 20/05/13 (Single)
The Black Dog 'Tranklements' (Dust Science) 20/05/13 (Album)
Various 'Balance 23: Radio Slave' (Balance) 24/05/13 (Compilation)
Various 'minMAX' (M_nus) 24/05/13 (Compilation)
Mika Vainio 'Kilo' (Blastfirstpetite) 27/05/13 (Album)
Various 'Gregor Schwellenbach Spielt 20 Jahre Kompakt' (Kompakt) 27/05/13 (Compilation)
The Bug 'Filthy' (Ninja Tune) 28/05/13 (EP)
Safety Scissors 'In A Manner Of Sleeping' (BPitch Control) 31/05/13 (Album)
George Issakidis 'Karezza' (Kill The DJ) (Album) 

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

April 2013 / Obama Is A Cunt (Pakistan Drone Attacks)

Bonobo 'The North Borders' (Ninja Tune) 01/04/13 (Album) 
Factory Floor & Peter Gordon 'Beachcombing / C Side' (Optimo Music) 08/04/13 (EP)
The Knife 'Shaking the Habitual' (Brille) 08/04/13 (Album)
Electronic 'Electronic' (EMI) 08/04/13 (Reissue)
Various 'Acid – Mysterons Invade The Jackin’ Zone: Chicago Acid and Experimental House 1986-1993' (Soul Jazz) 08/04/13 (Compilation)
Sølyst 'Lead' (Bureau B) 12/04/13 (Album)
Simian Mobile Disco 'Live' (Delicacies) 15/04/13 (Album)
Killing Joke 'The Singles Collection 1979-2012' (Spinefarm/Universal) 15/04/13 (Compilation)
Various 'The Lifesaver' (Live At Robert Johnson) 15/04/13 (Compilation) 
Vangelis 'Blade Runner OST' (Audio Fidelity) 16/04/13 (Reissue)
Diamond Version 'EP4' (Mute) 22/04/13 (EP)
Dead Can Dance 'In Concert' (PIAS) 22/04/13 (Album)
Gary Numan 'Dead Moon Falling' (Mortal) 22/04/13 (Remix Album)
Francois K 'The Masters Series 20' (Renaissance) 22/04/13 (Compilation)
Giorgio Moroder 'Schlagermoroder (Volume 1: 1966-1975)' (Repertoire) 22/04/13 (Compilation)
Sandwell District 'Fabric 69' (fabric) 22/04/13 (Compilation)
Snog 'Babes in Consumerland' (Metropolis) 23/04/13 (Album)
!!! 'THR!!!ER' (Warp) 29/04/13 (Album)
Gravetemple 'Ambient/Ruin' (Ideological Organ/Editions Mego) 29/04/13 (Album)
Maceo Plex 'DJ Kicks' (!K7) 29/04/13 (Compilation)
Erik & Fiedel 'Que Barbaro / Casio Dub' (MMM) (Single)

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

March 2013: Fill a hole with your money

Ellen Allien 'LISm' (BPitch Control) 01/03/13 (Album)
KMFDM 'Kunst' (Dependent) 01/03/13 (Album)
The Deadstock 33s 'The Pilgrim's Ghost' (Gomma) 01/03/13 (Album)
Zenker Brothers 'Lion In Mars' (Tresor) 04/03/13 (EP)
Autechre 'Exai' (Warp) 04/03/13 (Album)
Anthony Child 'The Space Between People and Things' (NNA Tapes) 05/03/13 (Album)
Melotron 'Stuck in the Mirror' (Out of Line) 08/03/13 (Single)
Atoms For Peace 'Judge Jury and Executioner / SAD' (XL) 11/03/13 (Single)
Squarepusher 'Enstrobia' (Warp) 11/03/13 (EP)
TV Mania 'Bored With Prozac And The Internet?' (The Vinyl Factory) 11/03/13 (Album)
Various 'Deutsche Elektronische Musik 2' (Soul Jazz) 11/03/13 (Compilation)
IAMX 'The Unified Field' (61 Seconds) 15/03/13 (Album)
Karl Bartos 'Off The Record' (Bureau B) 15/03/13 (Album)
Mesh 'Automation Baby' (Dependent) 15/03/13 (Album)
Front 242 'Transmission SE91' (Minimal Maximal) 15/03/13 (Limited Live Album)
Atom TM 'HD' (Raster-Noton) 18/03/13 (Album)
Various 'Kompakt 20 Jahre Kollektion' (Kompakt) 18/03/13 (Compilation)
Ensemble Pearl 'Ensemble Pearl' (Drag City) 19/03/13 (Album)
The Black Dog 'Darkhaus Vol. 01' (Unterton) 25/03/13 (EP)
Crime & The City Solution 'American Twilight' (Mute) 25/03/13 (Album)
Depeche Mode 'Delta Machine' (Sony) 25/03/13 (Album) 
Dj Koze 'Amygdala' (Pampa) 25/03/13 (Album)
Heterotic 'Love & Devotion' (Planet Mu) 25/03/13 (Album)
La Düsseldorf 'Japandorf' (Grönland) 25/03/13 (Album)
Wire 'Change Becomes Us' (Pink Flag) 25/03/13 (Album)
Snog 'The Plug-In Drug' (M-tronic) 30/03/13 (Limited Single)

Friday, 15 February 2013

February 2013: hardheaded and unresponsive

Karl Bartos 'Atomium' (Bureau B) 01/02/13 (Limited Single)
Nitzer Ebb 'Live At Markthalle Hamburg' (Major) 01/02/13 (Limited Vinyl Compilation)
Cyclopean 'Cyclopean' (Mute/Spoon) 04/02/13 (EP)
The Asphodells 'Ruled By Passion Destroyed By Lust' (Rotters Golf Club) 04/02/13 (Album)
Tosca 'Odeon' (!K7) 04/02/13 (Album)
Wraetlic 'Wraetlic' (Convex Industries) 04/02/13 (Album)
The Deadstock 33s 'Underneath The Pines' (Gomma) 05/02/13 (Single)
Various 'Who’s That Man: A Tribute To Conny Plank' (Grönland) 11/02/13 (Box Set)
Isolée 'Allowance' (Pampa) 13/02/13 (EP)
Apparat 'Kreig Und Freiden' (Mute) 15/02/13 (Album)
Jamie Lidell 'Jamie Lidell' (Warp) 18/02/13 (Album)
Voigt & Voigt 'Die Zauberhafte Welt Der Anderen' (Kompakt) 18/02/13 (Album)
Hans-Joachim Roedelius 'Selected Pieces 1990 to 2011' (Mule Musiq) 18/02/13 (Compilation)
Petre Inspirescu 'fabric 68' (fabric) 18/02/13 (Compilation) 
Godflesh 'Hymns' (The End) 19/02/13 (Reissue)
Various 'Change The Beat: The Celluloid Records Story 1980 – 1987' (Strut) 19/02/13 (Compilation)
Matmos 'The Marriage Of Two Minds' (Thrill Jockey) 22/02/13 (Album)
µ-Ziq 'Somerset Avenue Tracks (1992-1995)' (Planet Mu) 23/02/13 (Limited Compilation)
Atoms For Peace 'AMOK' (XL) 25/02/13 (Album)
Mekon 'Piece Of Work' (Wall of Sound) 25/02/13 (Album)

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

[January 2013: Silence Is Your Consent]

Broadcast 'Berberian Sound Studio' (Warp) 07/01/13 (Album)
J Dilla 'Donuts' (Stones Throw) 07/01/13 (Reissue Box Set)
Download 'Furnace Re:Dux' (Metropolis) 08/01/13 (Reissue)
Factory Floor 'Fall Back' (DFA) 14/01/13 (Single)
Die Krupps 'Risikofaktor' (Synthetic Symphony) 18/01/13 (Single)
Mesh 'Born To Lie' (Dependent) 18/01/13 (Single)
Roots Manuva 'Banana Skank' (Big Dada) 21/01/13 (EP)
Various 'Pop Ambient 2013' (Kompakt) 21/01/13 (Compilation)
New Order 'Lost Sirens' (Rhino/Warner) 22/01/13 (Compilation)
Project Pitchfork 'Black' (Trisol) 25/01/13 (Album)
Depeche Mode 'Heaven' (Sony) 28/01/13 (Single)