Wednesday, 17 August 2011

August 2011

Apparat 'Black Water' (Mute) 01/08/11 (Single)
Radiohead 'Feral / Morning Mr Magpie / Separator Remixes' (Ticker Tape Ltd / XL) 01/08/11 (Single)
Björk 'The Crystalline Series - Crystalline Matthew Herbert Remixes' (One Little Indian) 02/08/11 (Single)
Björk 'The Crystalline Series - Cosmogony Matthew Herbert Remixes' (One Little Indian) 02/08/11 (Single)
Bruce Gilbert 'Monad' (Touch) 08/08/11 (Single)
Radiohead 'Little By Little / Giving Up The Ghost / Codex Remixes' (Ticker Tape Ltd / XL) 09/08/11 (Single)
Roedelius 'Wasser im Wind' (Bureau B) 12/08/11 (Reissue)
Battles feat. Gary Numan 'My Machines' (Warp) 15/08/11 (Limited Single)
Various 'Fabric 59: Jamie Jones' (fabric) 15/08/11 (Compilation)
Various 'Total 12' (Kompakt) 16/08/11 (Compilation)
Gescom 'The Skull Snap EP' (Skullsnap) 22/08/11 (EP)
Paul White 'Rapping with Paul White' (One Handed Music) 22/08/11 (Album)
Project Pitchfork 'Quantum Mechanics' (Trisol) 22/08/11 (Album)
Zounds 'The Curse Of Zounds' (Broken Rekids) 22/08/11 (Reissue)
Various 'Beach Disco Sessions Volume 2' (Nang) 22/08/11 (Compilation)
Various 'Timeless' (Cocoon) 22/08/11 (Compilation)
Greie Gut Fraktion 'reKonstruKtion' (Monika Enterprise) 26/08/11 (Album)
Frontline Assembly 'Hard Wired' (Black Rain) 26/08/11 (Limited Reissue)
Various 'If This Is House I Want My Money Back Zwei' (Permanent Vacation) 26/08/11 (Compilation)
Various 'Coming Home: Jazzanova' (Stereo Deluxe) 28/08/11 (Compilation)
Stereo MC's 'Emperor's Nightingale' (!K7) 29/08/11 (Album)
I Start Counting / Fortran 5 / Komputer 'Konnecting...' (Mute) 29/08/11 (Compilation)
The Balanescu Quartet 'This is The Balanescu Quartet' (Mute) 29/08/11 (Compilation)