Saturday, 31 December 2011

Top Albums 2011

2562 'Fever' (When In Doubt)
Arcadion 'More Petrol' (DC Recordings) 
Ata 'Live At Robert Johnson Volume 7' (Live At Robert Johnson)
Boof 'Shhh, Dandelions at Play' (BubbleTease Communications)
Bullion 'You Drive Me To Plastic' (Young Turks)
Byetone 'Symeta' (Raster-Noton) 
John Maus 'We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves' (Upset! The Rhythm)
Kreidler 'Tank' (Bureau B) 
Plaid 'Scintilli' (Warp) 
Tiger & Woods 'Through the Green' (Running Back)

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

December 2011 new music

Lego Feet 'Lego Feet' (SKAM) 01/12/11 (Reissue)
Cut Hands 'Afro Noise I - Volume 1' (Dirter) 05/12/11 (Vinyl Release)
Cut Hands 'Afro Noise I - Volume 2' (Dirter) 05/12/11 (Vinyl Release)
The Cure 'Bestival Live 2011' (Sunday Best) 05/12/11 (Album)
Drexciya 'Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller 1' (Clone Classic Cuts) 05/12/11 (Compilation)
Various 'fabric 61: Visionquest' (fabric) 05/12/11 (Compilation)
Dome '1-4+5' (Editions Mego) 06/12/11 (Box Set)
VOID 'No Sudden Movements' (M_nus) 09/12/11 (Album)
VCMG 'Spock' (Mute) 19/12/11 (EP)
Various 'Tour De Traum III' (Traum) 21/12/11 (Compilation)

Monday, 14 November 2011

[November 2011]

Various 'Movement: The Peel Sessions 1977-1979' (EMI) 01/11/11 (Compilation)
Chris Carter 'Moonlight' (Optimo) 07/11/11 (Single)
Dj Food 'Magpies, Maps and Moons' (Ninja Tune) 07/11/11 (EP)
Extrawelt 'In Aufruhr' (Cocoon) 07/11/11 (Album)
LFO 'Frequencies' (Warp) 07/11/11 (Reissue)
Sweet Exorcist 'Retroactivity' (Warp) 07/11/11 (Compilation)
Various '20th Anniversary' (Tresor) 07/11/11 (Compilation)
Byetone 'Symeta' (Raster-Noton) 08/11/11 (Album)
Trentemøller 'Reworked/Remixed' (In My Room) 08/11/11 (Compilation)
Various 'Amsterdam All Stars' (Rush Hour) 08/11/11 (Compilation)
Haujobb 'New World March' (Zweieck) 11/11/11 (Album)
Sunn O))) & Nurse With Wound 'Iron Soul of Nothing' (Ideologic Organ) 11/11/11 (Vinyl Reissue)
Factory Floor 'Two Different Ways' (DFA) 14/11/11 (Single)
Portishead 'Chase The Tear' (XL) 14/11/11 (Single)
Cabaret Voltaire 'Johnny YesNo Redux' (Mute) 14/11/11 (Box Set)
Can 'Tago Mago – 40th Anniversary 2CD Edition' (Spoon/Mute) 14/11/11 (Reissue)
This Mortal Coil 'This Mortal Coil' (4AD) 14/11/11 (Box Set)
Various 'Conducted - Mixed by Marcel Dettmann' (Music Man) 17/11/11 (Compilation)
Oval 'OvalDNA' (Shitkatapult) 25/11/11 (Album)
Andy Meecham 'Monophonic Volume 1' (Nang) 28/11/11 (Album)
Throbbing Gristle 'Rafters' (Eastworld) 28/11/11 (Album)
Vladislav Delay 'Vantaa' (Raster-Noton) 28/11/11 (Album)
Sunn 0))) 'ØØ Void' (Southern Lord) 28/11/11 (Reissue)

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

[October 2011]

Mr. Scruff 'Feel It / Bounce' (Ninja Tune) 03/10/11 (Single)
Dj Shadow 'The Less You Know The Better' (Verve) 03/10/11 (Album)
Modeselektor 'Monkeytown' (Monkeytown) 03/10/11 (Album)
The Smiths 'The Smiths Complete' (Rhino) 03/10/11 (Box Set)
Pyrolator 'Neuland' (Bureau B) 07/10/11 (Album)
Björk 'Biophilia' (One Little Indian) 10/10/11 (Album)
Matthew Herbert 'One Pig' (Accidental) 10/10/11 (Album)
Radiohead 'TKOL RMX 1234567' (XL) 10/10/11 (Compilation)
Various 'Fac. Dance: Factory Records 12" Mixes And Rarities 1980 - 1987' (Strut) 10/10/11 (Compilation)
Mungolian Jet Set 'Schlungs' (Smalltown Supersound) 11/10/11 (Album)
Wolfgang Voigt 'Kafka Trax' (Profan) 11/10/11 (Compilation)
Massive Attack & Burial 'Paradise Circus / Four Walls' (Inhale Gold / Vinyl Factory) 17/10/11 (Limited Single)
Various 'fabric 60: Dave Clarke' (fabric) 17/10/11 (Compilation)
M83 'Hurry Up, We're Dreaming' (Mute) 18/10/11 (Album)
Various 'Trax Records: The 25th Anniversary Collection' (Trax) 18/10/11 (Compilation)
Roedelius/Schneider 'Stunden' (Bureau B) 21/10/11 (Album)
Planetary Assault Systems 'The Messenger' (Ostgut Ton) 24/10/11 (Album)
The Black Dog 'Lieber Dogma' (Soma) 24/10/11 (Album)
Qluster 'Rufen' (Bureau B) 28/10/11 (Album)
Skinny Puppy 'hanDover' (Synthetic Symphony) 31/10/11 (Album)
Various 'Watergate 09: Tiefschwarz' (Watergate) 31/10/11 (Compilation)

Monday, 19 September 2011

[September 2011]

In Camera 'IV+II' (Desire) 05/09/11 (Limited Reissue)
Mass 'Labour Of Love' (Desire) 05/09/11 (Limited Reissue)
808 State 'Blueprint' (ZZT) 05/09/11 (Compilation)
HTRK 'Work (work, work)' (Blast First Petite) 06/09/11 (Album)
Hecq 'Avenger' (Hymen) 09/09/11 (Album)
Tarwater 'Inside The Ships' (Bureau B) 09/09/11 (Album)
Arcadion 'More Petrol' (DC Recordings) 12/09/11 (Album)
Ladytron 'Gravity the Seducer' (Nettwerk) 12/09/11 (Album)
Various 'Live At Robert Johnson Vol. 8: Dixon' (Live at Robert Johnson) 12/09/11 (Compilation)
Various 'Macrospective' (Macro) 12/09/11 (Compilation)
Various 'Close Circuit Connection' (Minimal Maximal) 13/09/11 (Compilation)
VNV Nation 'Automatic' (Anachron) 16/09/11 (Album)
Luomo 'Plus' (Moodmusic) 18/09/11 (Album)
Kid Koala 'Space Cadet' (Ninja Tune) 19/09/11 (Album)
Marius Våreid 'Telemark' (Full Pupp) 19/09/11 (Album)
Various 'Fabriclive 59: Four Tet' (fabric) 19/09/11 (Compilation)
Various 'Soma Records - 20 Years' (Soma) 19/09/11 (Compilation)
Apparat 'The Devil's Walk' (Mute) 26/09/11 (Album)
Plaid 'Scintilli' (Warp) 26/09/11 (Album)
Roots Manuva '4everevolution' (Big Dada/Banana Klan) 26/09/11 (Album)
Throbbing Gristle 'The Second Annual Report' (Industrial Records) 26/09/11 (Limited Vinyl Reissue)
Throbbing Gristle 'D.O.A. The Third & Final Report' (Industrial Records) 26/09/11 (Limited Vinyl Reissue)
Throbbing Gristle 'Heathen Earth' (Industrial Records) 26/09/11 (Limited Vinyl Reissue)
Throbbing Gristle '20 Jazz Funk Greats' (Industrial Records) 26/09/11 (Limited Vinyl Reissue)
Throbbing Gristle 'Greatest Hits' (Industrial Records) 26/09/11 (Limited Vinyl Reissue)

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

August 2011

Apparat 'Black Water' (Mute) 01/08/11 (Single)
Radiohead 'Feral / Morning Mr Magpie / Separator Remixes' (Ticker Tape Ltd / XL) 01/08/11 (Single)
Björk 'The Crystalline Series - Crystalline Matthew Herbert Remixes' (One Little Indian) 02/08/11 (Single)
Björk 'The Crystalline Series - Cosmogony Matthew Herbert Remixes' (One Little Indian) 02/08/11 (Single)
Bruce Gilbert 'Monad' (Touch) 08/08/11 (Single)
Radiohead 'Little By Little / Giving Up The Ghost / Codex Remixes' (Ticker Tape Ltd / XL) 09/08/11 (Single)
Roedelius 'Wasser im Wind' (Bureau B) 12/08/11 (Reissue)
Battles feat. Gary Numan 'My Machines' (Warp) 15/08/11 (Limited Single)
Various 'Fabric 59: Jamie Jones' (fabric) 15/08/11 (Compilation)
Various 'Total 12' (Kompakt) 16/08/11 (Compilation)
Gescom 'The Skull Snap EP' (Skullsnap) 22/08/11 (EP)
Paul White 'Rapping with Paul White' (One Handed Music) 22/08/11 (Album)
Project Pitchfork 'Quantum Mechanics' (Trisol) 22/08/11 (Album)
Zounds 'The Curse Of Zounds' (Broken Rekids) 22/08/11 (Reissue)
Various 'Beach Disco Sessions Volume 2' (Nang) 22/08/11 (Compilation)
Various 'Timeless' (Cocoon) 22/08/11 (Compilation)
Greie Gut Fraktion 'reKonstruKtion' (Monika Enterprise) 26/08/11 (Album)
Frontline Assembly 'Hard Wired' (Black Rain) 26/08/11 (Limited Reissue)
Various 'If This Is House I Want My Money Back Zwei' (Permanent Vacation) 26/08/11 (Compilation)
Various 'Coming Home: Jazzanova' (Stereo Deluxe) 28/08/11 (Compilation)
Stereo MC's 'Emperor's Nightingale' (!K7) 29/08/11 (Album)
I Start Counting / Fortran 5 / Komputer 'Konnecting...' (Mute) 29/08/11 (Compilation)
The Balanescu Quartet 'This is The Balanescu Quartet' (Mute) 29/08/11 (Compilation)

Thursday, 21 July 2011

[July 2011 New Music]...Fuck UKF!

Conrad Schnitzler 'Live ’72' (Further) 01/07/11 (Reissue)
Radiohead 'Little By Little / Lotus Flower' (Ticker Tape Ltd / XL) 04/07/11 (Single)
Pelican Daughters 'Fishbones and Wishbones' (Forced Nostalgia) 04/07/11 (Compilation)
Various 'Motor City Drum Ensemble's DJ-Kicks' (!K7) 04/07/11 (Compilation)
Various 'New Masters Series Vol 3: Justus Kohncke - Fussmaschine' (Nang) 04/07/11 (Compilation)
Naum Gabo / Franz Underwear 'Whop! / Grauzone' (World Unknown) 09/07/11 (Single)
Neville Watson / Apiento 'One Four Green / The Orange Place' (World Unknown) 09/07/11 (Single)
Osunlade 'Envision Remixes' (Innervisions) 11/07/11 (Single)
Death In June 'DISCriminate' (Soleilmoon) 11/07/11 (Reissue)
Juno Reactor 'Inside the Reactor' (Metropolis) 12/07/11 (Compilation)
S.C.U.M. 'Amber Hands' (Mute) 18/07/11 (Single)
Various 'K' (Cocoon) 18/07/11 (Compilation)
Death In June 'Nada Plus' (Out of Line) 20/07/11 (Reissue)
Mika Vainio 'Life (…It Eats You Up)' (Editions Mego) 26/07/11 (Album)
Pyrolator 'Neuland2' (Bureau B) 29/07/11 (Single)

Sunday, 26 June 2011

June 2011

DJ Shadow 'I Gotta Rok' (Reconstruction Productions) 01/06/11 (EP)
Depeche Mode 'Remixes 2: 81-11' (Mute) 06/06/11 (Compilation)
Various 'Total: From Joy Division to New Order' (Rhino) 06/06/11 (Compilation)
Haujobb 'Dead Market' (Zweieck) 07/06/11 (Single)
Ada 'Meine Zarten Pfoten' (Pampa) 10/06/11 (Album)
Locussolus 'Locussolus' (International Feel) 13/06/11 (Album)
Sons & Daughters 'Mirror Mirror' (Domino) 13/06/11 (Album)
Hardfloor 'Two Decades of Hardfloor' (Hardfloor) 13/06/11 (Compilation)
diskJokke 'Sagara' (Smalltown Supersound) 14/06/11 (Album)
Various 'Invasion Of The Mysteron Killer Sounds in 3-D' (Soul Jazz) 16/06/11 (Compilation)
Atari Teenage Riot 'Is This Hyperreal?' (Digital Hardcore Recordings) 20/06/11 (Album)
John Tejada 'Parabolas' (Kompakt) 20/06/11 (Album)
Junior Boys 'It's All True' (Domino) 20/06/11 (Album)
Various 'fabric 58: Craig Richards presents The Nothing Special' (fabric) 20/06/11 (Compilation)
Architect 'Upload Select Remix' (Hymen) 21/06/11 (Compilation)
Boof 'Shhh, Dandelions at Play' (BubbleTease Communications) 24/06/11 (Album)
Popol Vuh 'Revisted & Remixed (1970-1999)' (SPV) 24/06/11 (Compilation)
Dead Can Dance 'DCD II' (Weatherbox) 27/06/11 (Limited Box Set)

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

.:May 2011:.

In Flagranti 'Worse For Wear' (Codek) 02/05/11 (Album)
Mr. Scruff 'Wobble Control' (Ninja Tune) 09/05/11 (Single)
6th Borough Project 'One Night in the Borough' (Delusions of Grandeur) 09/05/11 (Album)
Dominik Eulberg 'Diorama' (Traum) 09/05/11 (Album)
Gang Gang Dance 'Eye Contact' (4AD) 09/05/11 (Album)
Radiohead 'The King Of Limbs' (Ticker Tape Ltd / XL) 09/05/11 (Album)
Various 'Panorama Bar 03: Prosumer' (Ostgut Ton) 09/05/11 (Compilation)
Gus Gus 'Arabian Horse' (Kompakt) 10/05/11 (Album)
Various 'Eleven Years Cocoon Recordings - Selected Remix Works' (Cocoon) 11/05/11 (Compilation)
Mark E 'Stone Breaker' (Spectral Sound) 16/05/11 (Album)
Meat Beat Manifesto 'R.U.O.K. in Dub' (Quatermass) 16/05/11 (Remix Album)
Mesh 'An Alternative Solution' (Dependent) 20/05/11 (Remix Album)
Einstürzende Neubauten 'Silence is Sexy' (Potomak) 20/05/11 (Reissue)
Amon Tobin 'ISAM' (Ninja Tune) 23/05/11 (Album)
Clan Of Xymox 'Darkest Hour' (Trisol) 24/05/11 (Album)
Various 'From the Stars Vol 2' (Nang) 30/05/11 (Compilation)
Tiger & Woods 'Through the Green' (Running Back) (Album)
Vladislav Delay Quartet 'Vladislav Delay Quartet' (Honest Jon's) (Album)
Gabriel Ananda 'Selected Techno Works' (Basmati) (Compilation)

Saturday, 9 April 2011

April 2011 : Neue Scheisse

Pantha Du Prince 'XI Versions of Black Noise' (Rough Trade) 01/04/11 (Album)
Gang Gang Dance 'Glass Jar / Mind Killa' (4AD) 04/04/11 (Single)
Various 'Werkschau EP 2' (BPitch Control) 04/04/11 (EP)
Bibio 'Mind Bokeh' (Warp) 04/04/11 (Album)
Cold Cave 'Cherish The Light Years' (Matador) 04/04/11 (Album)
Various 'Forward to the Past' (Poker Flat) 04/04/11 (Compilation)
Matthew Dear 'Slowdance' (Ghostly International) 05/04/11 (EP)
Black Devil Disco Club 'Circus' (Lo Recordings) 11/04/11 (Album)
Daedelus 'Bespoke' (Ninja Tune) 11/04/11 (Album)
Holy Ghost! 'Holy Ghost!' (DFA) 11/04/11 (Album)
WhoMadeWho 'Knee Deep' (Kompakt) 11/04/11 (Album)
Autechre 'EPs 1991-2002' (Warp) 11/04/11 (Boxset)
ATA 'Live at Robert Johnson Volume 7' (Live at Robert Johnson) 11/04/11 (Compilation)
Various 'Individual Mythologies' (Innervisions) 15/04/11 (Compilation)
Radiohead 'The Butcher/Supercollider' (XL) 16/04/11 (Limited Single)
Various 'Fabric 57: Agoria' (Fabric) 18/04/11 (Compilation)
Architect 'Consume Adapt Create' (Hymen) 21/04/11 (Reissue)
Architect 'Lower Lip Interface' (Hymen) 21/04/11 (Reissue)
The Black Dog 'Muggerscum Out' (Soma) 25/04/11 (Limited Single)
Boxcutter 'The Dissolve' (Planet Mu) 25/04/11 (Album)
Prefuse 73 'The Only She Chapters' (Warp) 25/04/11 (Album)
The Revenge 'ReekinStructions' (Z Records) 25/04/11 (Compilation)
KMFDM 'WTF?!' (Metropolis) 26/04/11 (Album)
LCD Soundsystem 'The London Sessions' (DFA) 26/04/11 (Compilation)
Robag Wruhme 'Thora Vukk' (Pampa) 29/04/11 (Album)
Various 'Dj Hell's Coming Home' (Stereo Deluxe) 29/04/11 (Compilation)

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

March 2011 new releases

Various 'SMM: Context' (Ghostly International) 01/03/10 (Compilation)
And One 'Tanzomat' (Out Of Line) 03/03/11 (Album)
Kreidler 'Tank' (Bureau B) 04/03/11 (Album)
Virgo Four 'Resurrection' (Rush Hour) 07/03/11 (Compilation)
Various 'Fabric 56: Derrick Carter' (Fabric) 07/03/11 (Compilation)
KMFDM 'Krank' (MetropoliS) 08/03/11 (Single)
Wolfram 'Marflow' (Permanent Vacation) 11/03/11 (Album)
Dj T 'The Pleasure Principle' (Get Physical) 14/03/11 (Album)
Simon Baker 'Traces' (2020 Vision) 14/03/11 (Album)
Wagon Christ 'Toomorrow' (Ninja Tune) 14/03/11 (Album)
Steve Bug 'Jack is Back' (Poker Flat) 15/03/11 (Single)
Various 'Wolf + Lamb vs Soul Clap DJ Kicks' (!K7) 15/03/11 (Compilation)
IAMX 'Volatile Times' (BMG) 18/03/11 (Album)
Ellen Allien 'Dust Remixes' (BPitch Control) 21/03/11 (Compilation)
Various 'Hibernation 2' (Bear Funk) 21/03/11 (Compilation)
Project Pitchfork 'First Anthology' (Trisol) 25/03/11 (Compilation)
Stimming 'Liqourice' (Diynamic) 28/03/11 (Album)
Stefan Goldmann 'The Grand Hemiola' (Macro) 28/03/11 (Locked Grooves Compilation)

Thursday, 24 February 2011


Vince Watson 'Atom EP' (Tresor) 01/02/11 (Single)
The Dirtbombs 'Party Store' (In The Red) 01/02/11 (Album)
MF Doom 'Special Herbs' (Nature Sounds) 01/02/11 (Box Set)
Frank Bretschneider 'Komet' (Shitkatapult) 04/02/11 (Album)
Seefeel 'Seefeel' (Warp) 04/02/11 (Album)
Marco Carola 'Play It Loud!' (M_nus) 07/02/11 (Album)
Various 'The Array Vol. 2' (Nang) 07/02/11 (Compilation)
Various 'Today' (Smalltown Supersound) 07/02/11 (Compilation)
Dead Can Dance 'DCD1' (Weatherbox) 07/02/11 (Limited Box Set)
Lydia Lunch '13.13' (Le Son Du Maquis) 07/02/11 (Reissue)
Cut Copy 'Zonoscope' (Modular) 08/02/11 (Album)
Naum Gabo 'Songs From A Great City' (Optimo Music) 14/02/11 (Single)
Ilija Rudman 'The Reveal' (Bear Funk) 14/02/11 (Album)
The Rhythm Odyssey 'Metaphysical Transition' (Lipservice) 14/02/11 (Album)
Killing Joke 'Live at Hammersmith Apollo 16.10.2010' (Concert Live) 14/02/11 (Box Set)
IAMX 'Ghosts of Utopia' (BMG) 25/02/11 (Single)
Mani Neumeier & Kawabata Makoto 'Samurai Blues' (Bureau B) 25/02/11 (Album)
Munk 'The Bird and the Beat' (Gomma) 26/02/11 (Album)
Drums Off Chaos 'Magazine 3' (Magazine) 28/02/11 (Album)
Jay Haze 'Love=Evolution' (Contexterrior) (Album)
Ø 'Heijastuva' (Sähkö) (Album)

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

[January 2011]

Wire 'Red Barked Tree' (Pinkflag) 10/01/11 (Album)
Chris and Cosey 'Songs Of Love & Lust' (CTI) 10/01/11 (Vinyl Reissue)
Chris and Cosey 'Exotika' (CTI) 10/01/11 (Vinyl Reissue)
System 7 'Classics' (A-Wave) 10/01/11 (Compilation)
Covenant 'Modern Ruin' (SPV) 17/01/11 (Album)
Fujiya & Miyagi 'Ventriloquizzing' (Full Time Hobby) 17/01/11 (Album)
Pixies 'Wave Of Mutilation: The Best of' (4AD) 17/01/11 (Vinyl Reissue)
Robag Wruhme 'Wuppdeckmischmampflow' (Kompakt) 17/01/11 (Compilation)
Various 'The World of Progressive Disco' (Bear Funk) 17/01/10 (Compilation)
Various 'Trax 25 - DJ History Re-Edit Project' (DJ History) 17/01/11 (Compilation)
And One 'Zerstörer' (Out of Line) 21/01/11 (Single)
Isolee 'Well Spent Youth' (Pampa) 21/01/11 (Album)
David Lynch 'Good Day Today - Deluxe Vinyl Edition' (Sunday Best) 31/01/11 (Single)
Hercules & Love Affair 'Blue Songs' (Moshi Moshi) 31/01/11 (Album)
Psychic TV 'Themes' (Cold Spring) 31/01/11 (Box Set)
Various '14 Tracks From Planet Mu' (Planet Mu) 31/01/11 (Compilation)
Various 'Tour De Traum II' (Traum) 31/01/11 (Compilation)
Various 'Werkshau' (BPitch Control) 31/01/11 (Compilation)