Saturday, 31 December 2011

Top Albums 2011

2562 'Fever' (When In Doubt)
Arcadion 'More Petrol' (DC Recordings) 
Ata 'Live At Robert Johnson Volume 7' (Live At Robert Johnson)
Boof 'Shhh, Dandelions at Play' (BubbleTease Communications)
Bullion 'You Drive Me To Plastic' (Young Turks)
Byetone 'Symeta' (Raster-Noton) 
John Maus 'We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves' (Upset! The Rhythm)
Kreidler 'Tank' (Bureau B) 
Plaid 'Scintilli' (Warp) 
Tiger & Woods 'Through the Green' (Running Back)

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

December 2011 new music

Lego Feet 'Lego Feet' (SKAM) 01/12/11 (Reissue)
Cut Hands 'Afro Noise I - Volume 1' (Dirter) 05/12/11 (Vinyl Release)
Cut Hands 'Afro Noise I - Volume 2' (Dirter) 05/12/11 (Vinyl Release)
The Cure 'Bestival Live 2011' (Sunday Best) 05/12/11 (Album)
Drexciya 'Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller 1' (Clone Classic Cuts) 05/12/11 (Compilation)
Various 'fabric 61: Visionquest' (fabric) 05/12/11 (Compilation)
Dome '1-4+5' (Editions Mego) 06/12/11 (Box Set)
VOID 'No Sudden Movements' (M_nus) 09/12/11 (Album)
VCMG 'Spock' (Mute) 19/12/11 (EP)
Various 'Tour De Traum III' (Traum) 21/12/11 (Compilation)