Sunday, 14 September 2014

September 2014 ... Who are you to think you're a superior race?

Ellen Allien 'Freak' (Bpitch Control) 01/09/14 (EP)
Roman Flügel 'Happiness Is Happening' (Dial) 01/09/14 (Album)
Earth 'Primitive And Deadly' (Southern Lord) 02/09/14 (Album)
Gut und Irmler '500m' (Bureau B) 05/09/14 (Album)
Various 'Wiggle For 20 Years' (Wiggle) 06/09/14 (Compilation)
Herbert 'Part 7' (Accidental) 08/09/14 (EP)
Future Sound of London 'Environment Five' (Jumpin' & Pumpin') 08/09/14 (Album)
Nisennenmondai 'N' (Blast First Petite) 08/09/14 (Album)
And One 'Magnet' (Deutschmaschine Schallplatte) 09/09/14 (Album)
Simian Mobile Disco 'Whorl' (ANTI) 09/09/14 (Album)
Róisín Murphy 'Mi Senti Remixed' (The Vinyl Factory) 10/09/14 (EP)
CAMERA 'Remember I Was Carbon Dioxide' (Bureau B) 12/09/14 (Album)
Paul Kendall 'Family Value Pack' (Ant-Zen) 16/09/14 (Album)
Aphex Twin 'Syro' (Warp) 22/09/14 (Album)
Scott Walker + Sunn O))) 'Soused' (4AD) 22/09/14 (Album)
Erol Alkan 'Fabriclive 77' (fabric) 22/09/14 (Compilation)
Prins Thomas 'Rainbow Disco Club Vol. 1' (Endless Flight) 22/09/14 (Compilation)
Information Society '_Hello World' (Hakatak) 23/09/14 (Album)
Bernard Sumner 'Chapter and Verse: New Order, Joy Division and Me' (Bantam Press) 25/09/14 (Book)
Various 'Kollektion 01: Sky Records' (Bureau B) 26/09/14 (Compilation)
Atom TM 'Ground Loop' (The Bunker) 29/09/14 (EP)
Drexciya 'The Opening of the Cerebral Gate' (Tresor) 29/09/14 (Reissue)
Monoton 'Monotonprodukt 02' (Desire) 29/09/14 (Reissue)