Wednesday, 30 July 2008

July 2008

Not in the mood for a lot of writing just now to be honest, but here are some new records selected from the huge load of junk that media conglomerates spews nowadays:

Hercules & Love Affair 'You Belong' (DFA) 07/07/08 (Single)
Let's Go Outside 'Girls Don't Like Me' (Soma) 07/07/08 (Single)
Simon Baker 'Plastik Remix' (Playhouse) 07/07/08 (Single)
Beck 'Modern Guilt' (XL) 07/07/08 (Album)
The Bug 'London Zoo' (Ninja Tune) 07/07/08 (Album)
Tricky 'Knowle West Boy' (Domino) 07/07/08 (Album)
UNKLE 'End Titles...Stories for Film' (Surrender All) 07/07/08 (Album)
Wire 'Object 47' (Pinkflag) 07/07/08 (Album)
Various 'Sci-Fi Hi-Fi 5: Slam' (Soma) 07/07/08 (Compilation)
Various 'Tales of the Unexpected 3 Mixed by Hardfloor' (Platipus) 07/07/08 (Compilation)
Various 'The Greatest Tits, Vol. 1' (Full Pupp) 07/07/08 (Compilation)
Basic Channel 'Basic Channel 2' (Basic Channel) 08/07/08 (Compilation)
Mr. Scruff 'Kalimba/Give Up To Get' (Ninja Tuna) 14/07/08 (Single)
Eine Kleine Nacht Musik 'Eine Kleine Nacht Musik' (Modular) 14/07/08 (Album)
Various 'Fabric 41: Luciano' (Fabric) 14/07/08 (Compilation)
The Future Sound Of London 'Environments' (Jumpin' & Pumpin') 21/07/08 (Album)
Pole '123' (~scape) 25/07/08 (Reissue)
Croucher & Myles 'Vicious Cycle' (Soma) 28/07/08 (Single)
Ellen Allien 'Out Remixes' (BPitch Control) 28/07/08 (Single)
Nine Inch Nails 'The Slip' (The Null Corporation) 28/07/08 (Album)
Various 'Junior Boy's Own Odyssey' (JBO) (Compilation)