Sunday, 31 December 2017

Top Albums 2017

Clark 'Death Peak' (Warp)
Gnod 'Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine' (Rocket)
Kreidler 'European Song' (Bureau B)
Porter Ricks 'Anguilla Electrica' (Tresor)
Powell 'New Beta Vol. 1 / New Beta Vol. 2' (Diagonal)
Si Begg 'Blueprints' (Shitkatapult)
Sleaford Mods 'English Tapas' (Rough Trade)
Slowdive 'Slowdive' (Dead Oceans)
Snapped Ankles 'Come Play The Trees' (Leaf)
Various 'Twin Peaks (Limited Event Series Soundtrack)' (Rhino)

Saturday, 16 December 2017

[December 2017] The Brain Sneezing

Marcel Dettmann 'Marcel Dettmann presents RAUCH' (A-Ton) 01/12/17 (Album)
Mesh 'Live at Neues Gewandhaus Leipzig' (Dependent) 01/12/17 (Album)
Scanner 'Fibolae' (Pomperipossa) 01/12/17 (Album)
Clark 'Honey Badger / Pig' (Warp) 04/12/17 (Limited Single)
Various 'Deutsche Elektronische Musik 3: Experimental German Rock and Electronic Music 1971-81' (Soul Jazz) 04/12/17 (Compilation)
Various 'Speicher 100' (Kompakt Extra) 07/12/17 (EP)
DVS1 'fabric 96' (Fabric) 08/12/17 (Compilation)
Biosphere 'Shenzhou' (Biophon) 08/12/17 (Reissue)
Thom Yorke 'Tomorrow's Modern Boxes' (XL) 08/12/17 (Reissue)
Second Storey 'Lucid Reworks' (Houndstooth) 11/12/17 (EP)
VNV Nation 'Empires' (Anachron Sounds) 15/12/17 (Reissue)
Beak> 'Sex Music' (Invada) 25/12/17 (Single)

Friday, 17 November 2017

[November 2017] Consumerist Announcement.

James Holden & The Animal Spirits 'The Animal Spirits' (Border Community) 03/11/17 (Album)
Acid Jesus 'Flashbacks - 1992-1998' (Alter Ego) 03/11/17 (Compilation)
Erol Alkan 'Reworks Volume 1' (Phantasy Sound) 03/11/17 (Compilation)
Coil 'Time Machines' (Dais) 03/11/17 (Reissue)
Various 'Watergate XV' (Watergate) 06/11/17 (Box Set)
Powell 'New Beta Vol. 2' (Diagonal) 07/11/17 (Mini-Album)
Call Super 'Arpo' (Houndstooth) 10/11/17 (Album)
LSD 'Process' (Ostgut Ton) 16/11/17 (EP)
Massimiliano Pagliara 'Devoid Of Dimension Part 1' (Live At Robert Johnson) 16/11/17 (EP)
Massimiliano Pagliara 'Devoid Of Dimension Part 2' (Live At Robert Johnson) 16/11/17 (EP)
Terry Burrows & Daniel Miller 'Mute: A Visual Document' (Thames and Hudson) 16/11/17 (Book)
Cosey Fanni Tutti 'Time To Tell' (CTI) 17/11/17 (Limited Album)
Godflesh 'Post Self' (Avalanche) 17/11/17 (Album)
Various 'Pop Ambient 2018' (Kompakt) 17/11/17 (Compilation)
Cluster 'QUA' (Bureau B) 17/11/17 (Reissue)
Cluster and Farnbauer 'Live in Vienna 1980' (Bureau B) 17/11/17 (Reissue)
Björk 'Utopia' (One Little Indian) 24/11/17 (Album)
Prins Thomas 'Prins Thomas 5' (Prins Thomas Musikk) 24/11/17 (Album)
The Orb 'The Orb Chronicles - 20 Years of Shitkatapult' (Shitkatapult) 24/11/17 (Compilation)
Various 'Scopex 1998-2000' (Tresor) 24/11/17 (Compilation)
A Certain Ratio 'The Graveyard and The Ballroom' (Mute) 24/11/17 (Reissue)
A Certain Ratio 'To Each' (Mute) 24/11/17 (Reissue)
A Certain Ratio 'Force' (Mute) 24/11/17 (Reissue)
Throbbing Gristle 'The Second Annual Report' (Mute) 24/11/17 (Reissue)
Throbbing Gristle '20 Jazz Funk Greats' (Mute) 24/11/17 (Reissue)
Throbbing Gristle 'The Taste of TG: A Begginer's Guide to Throbbing Gristle' (Mute) 24/11/17 (Reissue)

Saturday, 14 October 2017

[October 2017 Get A Move On]

Autechre 'JNSN CODE GL16' (Touched) 02/10/17 (Single)
Bjørn Torske and Prins Thomas 'Arpa' (Smalltown Supersound) 06/10/17 (Single)
Andrew Hung 'Realisationship' (Lex) 06/10/17 (Album)
Daphni 'Joli Mai' (Jiaolong) 06/10/17 (Album)
die ANGEL 'Entropien I' (Cosmo Rhythmatic) 06/10/17 (Album)
The Mole 'De La Planet' (Maybe Tomorrow) 06/10/17 (Album)
Simian Mobile Disco 'ADSR Expansion: B-Sides And Remixes' (Wichita) 06/10/17 (Compilation)
Simian Mobile Disco 'Attack Decay Sustain Release - Remastered Reissue' (Wichita) 06/10/17 (Reissue)
Model 500 'No UFO's' (Metroplex) 09/10/17 (Reissue)
Thomas Brinkmann 'Retrospektiv' (Third Ear) 12/10/17 (Compilation)
Snog 'Corporate Slave 2525' (Metropolis) 13/10/17 (Single)
Special Request 'Belief System' (Houndstooth) 13/10/17 (Album)
Roman Flügel 'fabric 95' (Fabric) 13/10/017 (Compilation)
Errorsmith 'Superlative Fatigue' (PAN) 20/10/17 (Album)
Lindstrøm 'It's Alright Between Us As It Is' (Smalltown Supersound) 20/10/17 (Album)
Rødhåd 'Anxious' (Dystopian) 20/10/17 (Album)
John Carpenter 'Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998' (Sacred Bones) 20/10/17 (Compilation)
Simian Mobile Disco 'Anthology: Ten Years Of SMD' (Wichita) 20/10/17 (Compilation)
Helena Hauff 'Have You Been There, Have You Seen It' (Ninja Tune) 27/10/17 (EP)
Dave Clarke 'The Desecration Of Desire' (Skint) 27/10/17 (Album)
John Maus 'Screen Memories' (Ribbon Music) 27/10/17 (Album)
Not Waving 'Good Luck' (Diagonal) 27/10/17 (Album)
Metro Area 'Metro Area' (Environ) 27/10/17 (Reissue)
Burial 'Pre Dawn / Indoors' (Nonplus) 30/10/17 (Single)
Vermont 'II Remixes' (Kompakt) 30/10/17 (EP)
LoSoul 'Open Door' (Another Picture) 30/10/17 (Reissue)

Saturday, 16 September 2017

[September 2017] This Is Home Entertainment

Matt Karmil 'Can't Find It (The House Sound)' (Smalltown Supersound) 01/09/17 (Single)
The Knife 'Shaking The Habitual: Live At Terminal 5' (Rabid) 01/09/17 (Album)
Various 'Total 17' (Kompakt) 01/09/17 (Compilation)
Etapp Kyle 'Alpha' (Ostgut Ton) 08/09/17 (EP)
Various 'Permanent Vacation X' (Permanent Vacation) 08/09/17 (Compilation)
Larry Heard 'Virtual Emotion / Supernova' (Alleviated) 11/09/17 (Single)
Coil 'A Cold Cell In Bangkok' (Optimo Music) 15/09/17 (Single)
Lindstrøm 'Tensions' (Smalltown Supersound) 15/09/17 (Single)
Radio Slave 'Feel The Same' (Rekids) 15/09/17 (Album)
Various 'Running Back Mastermix' (Running Back) 15/09/17 (Compilation)
Bark Psychosis 'Hex' (Fire) 15/09/17 (Reissue)
Various '80s Underground Cassette Culture Volume 1' (Contort Yourself) 18/09/17 (Compilation)
Hypnobeat 'Prototech' (Dark Entries) 20/09/17 (Compilation)
Severed Heads 'Come Visit The Big Bigot' (Dark Entries) 20/09/17 (Reissue)
Björk 'The Gate' (The Vinyl Factory) 22/09/17 (Limited Single)
Burial 'Rodent' (Hyperdub) 22/09/17 (Single)
Steffi 'World Of The Waking State' (Ostgut Ton) 22/09/17 (Album)
Cube 40 'You Make Me Function' (Was/Is) 25/09/17 (Reissue)
Various 'Klockworks 20' (Klockworks) 25/09/17 (Compilation)
Ellen Allien 'Nost RMXS 1' (BPitch Control) 29/09/17 (Single)
Nicolas Bougaïeff 'Cognitive Resonance' (NovaMute) 29/09/17 (Single)
Samuel Rohrer 'Range of Regularity Remixes II' (Arjunamusic) 29/09/17 (EP)
Andrew Weatherall 'Qualia' (Höga Nord Rekords) 29/09/17 (Album)
Ash Ra Tempel Experience 'Live In Melbourne' (MG.ART) 29/09/17 (Album)
DAF 'DAS IST DAF' (Grönland) 29/09/17 (Box Set)
Four Tet 'New Energy' (Text) 29/09/17 (Album)
Lone 'DJ-Kicks' (!K7) 29/09/17 (Compilation)
Various 'From Sound To Silence' (Obscura) 29/09/17 (Compilation)

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

August 2017: (Otherside)

Philus 'Kolmio' (Sähkö) 07/08/17 (Reissue)
DJ Shadow 'The Mountain Has Fallen' (Mass Appeal) 14/08/17 (EP)
Four Tet 'SW9 9SL / Planet' (Text) 15/08/17 (Single)
UNKLE 'The Road: Part 1' (Songs For The Def) 18/08/17 (Album)
The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu '2023: A Trilogy' (Faber & Faber) 23/08/17 (Book)
B12 'Electro-Soma' (Warp) 24/08/17 (Reissue)
B12 'Electro-Soma II' (Warp) 24/08/17 (Compilation)
Dungen 'Haxan (Prins Thomas Version)' (Smalltown Supersound) 25/08/17 (Album)
Liars 'TFCF' (Mute) 25/08/17 (Album)
Second Storey 'Lucid Locations' (Houndstooth) 25/08/17 (Album)
Die Krupps 'Stahlwerksynfonie' (Artoffact) 25/08/17 (Vinyl Reissue)
Andrew Weatherall 'Kiyadub' (Byrd Out) 28/08/17 (EP)
SW 'The Album' (Apollo) 28/08/17 (Album)
Craig Richards 'Sleeping Rough' (The Nothing Special) 28/08/17 (Reissue)
Popol Vuh 'For You and Me' (One Way Static) 31/08/17 (Reissue)

Sunday, 16 July 2017

July 2017 . A Shot In The Dark

Various 'Superlongevity Six' (Perlon) 03/07/17 (Compilation)
Bjørn Torske & Prins Thomas 'Square One' (Smalltown Supersound) 07/07/17 (Album)
Schneider Kacirek 'Radius Walk' (Bureau B) 07/07/17 (Album)
DJ Stingray 'Kern Vol. 4' (Tresor) 07/07/17 (Compilation)
Clint Mansell 'Black Mirror: San Junipero (Original Score)' (Invada) 14/07/17 (Album)
Laibach 'Also Sprach Zarathustra' (Mute) 14/07/17 (Album)
DJ Tennis 'DJ-Kicks' (!K7) 14/07/17 (Compilation)
Maximum Joy 'I Can't Stand It Here On Quiet Nights' (Silent Street) 14/07/17 (Compilation)
Psychic TV 'Allegory and Self' (Sacred Bones / Dais) 14/07/17 (Reissue)
Psychic TV 'Pagan Day' (Sacred Bones / Dais) 14/07/17 (Reissue)
Radio Slave 'Children Of The E Music Remixes' (Running Back) 17/07/17 (EP)
The Mole 'I Love The Spicy Noodle Man' (Maybe Tomorrow) 17/07/17 (Single)
Zu Dobson 'Apple Knife / Wisdom Of Rumi' (Bird Scarer) 17/07/17 (EP)
Various 'Now And Then' (So Low) 21/07/17 (Single)
Daphni 'Fabriclive 93' (Fabric) 21/07/17 (Compilation)
Robotiko Rejekto 'Rejekto!' (Optimo Trax) 21/07/17 (Reissue)
Borderland 'Angles' (Tresor) 28/07/17 (EP)

Friday, 16 June 2017

June 2017 . Resistance & Survival

Todd Terje feat. Det Gylne Triangel 'Maskindans' (Olsen) 02/06/17 (Single)
Mika Vainio 'Reat' (Elektro Music Department) 02/06/17 (Album)
Omar Souleyman 'To Syria, With Love' (Mad Decent) 02/06/17 (Album)
Mark Broom 'One Sound/Myth' (EPM) 05/06/17 (EP)
Powell 'New Beta Vol. 1' (Diagonal) 08/06/17 (Mini-Album)
Nick Höppner 'Work' (Ostgut Ton) 09/06/17 (Album)
Faust 'Od Serca Do Duszy' (Dirter) 12/06/17 (Reissue)
Morgan Geist 'Megaprojects Two' (Environ) 16/06/17 (EP)
Yello 'Frautonium (The Andrew Weatherall Remixes)' (Blank Media) 16/06/17 (Single)
Si Begg 'Blueprints' (Shitkatapult) 16/06/17 (Album)
Can 'The Singles' (Mute/Spoon) 16/06/17 (Compilation)
Steffi 'fabric 94' (Fabric) 16/06/17 (Compilation)
Dieter Moebius 'Ding' (Bureau B) 16/06/17 (Reissue)
Dieter Moebius 'Kram' (Bureau B) 16/06/17 (Reissue)
Maceo Plex 'The Tesseract' (Ellum Audio) 19/06/17 (EP)
Der Plan 'Unkapitulierbar' (Bureau B) 23/06/17 (Album)
Porter Ricks 'Anguilla Electrica' (Tresor) 23/06/17 (Album)
Marcel Dettmann 'Selectors 003' (Dekmantel) 23/06/17 (Compilation)
Jack Peoples 'Laptop Cafe' (Clone Aqualung Series) 26/06/17 (Album)
Kobosil '105' (Ostgut Ton) 30/06/17 (EP)
Bogus Order 'Zen Brakes Vol. 2' (Ahead Of Our Time) 30/06/17 (Album)
Richard H. Kirk 'Dasein' (Intone) 30/06/17 (Album)

Friday, 12 May 2017

[May 2017] Instant Replay

Faust 'Fresh Air' (Bureau B) 05/05/17 (Album)
I-LP-O In Dub 'Capital Dub Chapter 1' (Editions Mego) 05/05/17 (Album)
Luke Vibert 'UK Garave Vol 1' (Hypercolour) 05/05/17 (Album)
Radioactive Man 'Luxury Sky Garden' (Asking For Trouble) 05/05/17 (Album)
Ricardo Villalobos 'Empirical House' ([a:rpia:r]) 05/05/17 (Album)
Slowdive 'Slowdive' (Dead Oceans) 05/05/17 (Album)
The Bug Vs. Earth 'Concrete Desert' (Ninja Tune) 05/05/17 (Album)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 'Lovely Creatures' (Mute) 05/05/17 (Box Set)
Dr. Octagon 'Dr. Octgonecologyst' (Get On Down) 05/05/17 (Box Set Reissue)
Swans 'The Great Annihilator' (Young God / Mute) 05/05/17 (Reissue)
Vatican Shadow 'Rubbish Of The Floodwaters' (Ostgut Ton) 09/05/17 (EP)
DJ Hell 'Zukunftsmusik' (International DeeJay Gigolo) 12/05/17 (Album)
Ellen Allien 'Nost' (BPitch Control) 12/05/17 (Album)
Cluster 'Konzerte 1972/1977' (Bureau B) 19/05/17 (Album)
Coldcut x On-U Sound 'Outside The Echo Chamber' (Ahead Of Our Time) 19/05/17 (Album)
Michael Mayer 'DJ-Kicks' (!K7) 19/05/17 (Compilation)
Various 'Lifesaver 3' (Live At Robert Johnson) 19/05/17 (Compilation)
Cyberaktif 'Tenebrae Vision' (Artoffact) 19/05/17 (Reissue)
Ministry 'In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up' (Artoffact) 19/05/17 (Vinyl Reissue)
!!! 'Shake The Shudder' (Warp) 21/05/17 (Album)
Villa H2H 'Villa H2H Villalobos Remix' (Perlon) 22/05/17 (EP)
Bola 'D.E.G.' (Skam) 25/05/17 (Album)
Burial 'Subtemple / Beachfires' (Hyperdub) 26/05/17 (Single)
Kraftwerk '3D The Catalogue' (EMI) 26/05/17 (Live Album)
New Order 'NOMC15' (Pledge Music) 26/05/17 (Live Album)

Friday, 14 April 2017

[April 2017] Hey Hey Can U Relate

Cosey Fanni Tutti 'Art Sex Music' (Faber) 06/04/17 (Book)
Booka Shade 'Galvany Street' (Blaufield) 07/04/17 (Album)
Clark 'Death Peak' (Warp) 07/04/17 (Album)
Dopplereffekt 'Cellular Automata' (Leisure System) 07/04/17 (Album)
Fujiya & Miyagi 'Fujiya & Miyagi' (Impossible Objects of Desire) 07/04/17 (Album)
Kreidler 'European Song' (Bureau B) 07/04/17 (Album)
Depeche Mode 'Where's The Revolution' (Columbia) 18/04/17 (Remix EP)
Mesh 'Runway' (Dependent) 21/04/17 (Single)
GAS 'Narkopop' (Kompakt) 21/04/17 (Album)
J Dilla 'Motor City' (Yancey Media Group) 21/04/17 (Album)
Tobias. 'Eyes In The Center' (Ostgut Ton) 21/04/17 (Album)
Camera / Richard Pinhas 'Split' (Bureau B) 22/04/17 (Limited Single)
Faust / Ulan Bator 'Split' (Bureau B) 22/04/17 (Limited Single)
Lindstrøm / Erot 'Closing Shot (Radio Edit) / Song For Annie' (Paper Recordings) 22/04/17 (Limited Single)
Peter Baumann / Conrad Schnitzler & Pyrolator / Schneider TM 'Split' (Bureau B) 22/04/17 (Limited Single)
Peter Schilling 'Major Tom' (Rhino) 22/04/17 (Limited Single)
La Düsseldorf 'The Singles' (Rhino) 22/04/17 (Limited Compilation)
The Future Sound Of London 'Archived Environmental Views' (Passion Music/FSOL Digital) 22/04/17 (Limited Compilation) 
Jan Jelinek 'Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records' (Faitiche) 28/04/17 (Reissue)

Friday, 17 March 2017

March 2017. Dream Baby Dream

Prins Thomas 'The Orb Remixes' (Smalltown Supersound) 02/03/17 (EP)
Booka Shade 'Babylon' (Blaufield) 03/03/17 (Single)
Depeche Mode 'Where's The Revolution' (Columbia) 03/03/17 (Single)
Blanck Mass 'World Eater' (Sacred Bones) 03/03/17 (Album)
Sleaford Mods 'English Tapas' (Rough Trade) 03/03/17 (Album)
Reinhard Voigt / Terranova 'Speicher 94' (Kompakt Extra) 07/03/17 (Single)
Telephones 'Vibe Remixes' (Running Back) 08/03/17 (EP)
Nathan Fake 'Providence' (Ninja Tune) 10/03/17 (Album)
Shobaleader One 'Elektrac' (Warp) 10/03/17 (Album)
Theo Parrish 'First Floor' (Peacefrog) 10/03/17 (Reissue)
ADULT. 'Detroit House Guests' (Mute) 17/03/17 (Album)
Depeche Mode 'Spirit' (Columbia) 17/03/17 (Album)
Dead Can Dance 'Aion' (4AD) 17/03/17 (Reissue)
Dead Can Dance 'The Serpent's Egg' (4AD) 17/03/17 (Reissue)
Dead Can Dance 'Spiritchaser' (4AD) 17/03/17 (Reissue)
Source Book 1 (Raster-Noton) 17/03/17 (Book)
Chris Hewitt 'Martin Hannett - His Equipment and Strawberry Studios' 23/03/17 (Book)
Conrad Schnitzler & Pole 'Con-struct' (Bureau B) 24/03/17 (Album)
Goldfrapp 'Silver Eye' (Mute) 31/03/17 (Album)
Hauschka 'What If' (City Slang / Temporary Residence) 31/03/17 (Album)
Max Loderbauer & Jacek Sienkiewicz 'END' (Recognition) 31/03/17 (Album)
Wire 'Silver/Lead' (pinkflag) 31/03/17 (Album)
Various 'Soma25' (Soma) 31/03/17 (Box Set)

Friday, 17 February 2017

[February 2017] Nothing is true

Moodymann 'Mahogany Brown' (Peacefrog) 02/02/17 (Reissue)
New Order 'Be Music' (Factory Benelux) 03/02/17 (Compilation)
Rhythim is Rhythim 'Strings Of Life' (Transmat) 03/02/17 (Reissue)
The Neon Judgement 'Cockerill-Sombre' (Dark Entries) 06/02/17 (Reissue)
Massimiliano Pagliara 'Time And Again' (Ostgut Ton) 07/02/17 (EP)
Conrad Schnitzler 'Filmmusik 2' (Bureau B) 10/02/17 (Album)
Tinariwen 'Elwan' (Wedge) 10/02/17 (Album)
Tosca 'Going Going Going' (!K7) 10/02/17 (Album)
Daniel B. Prothese 'Uberlastung' (Alfa Matrix) 10/02/17 (Box Set)
Underviewer 'Wonders & Monsters' (Alfa Matrix) 10/02/17 (Compilation)
Various 'Magnetband: Experimenteller Elektronik-Underground DDR 1984–1989' (Bureau B) 10/02/17 (Compilation)
Various 'Sammlung: Elektronische Kassettenmusik Düsseldorf 1982–1989' (Bureau B) 10/02/17 (Compilation)
The Other People Place 'Lifestyles Of The Laptop Café' (Warp) 10/02/17 (Reissue)
Prins Thomas 'Remixed' (Smalltown Supersound) 17/02/17 (EP)
Radio Slave 'Another Club / Feel The Same' (Rekids) 17/02/17 (Single)
Timothy J. Fairplay 'Where Is The Champion?' (Charlois) 20/02/17 (Album)
Todd Terje 'Jungelknugen' (Olsen) 22/02/17 (Single)
Sherwood & Pinch 'Man Vs. Sofa' (On-U Sound) 24/02/17 (Album)
The Golden Filter 'Still // Alone' (Optimo) 24/02/17 (Album)
Jamie Lidell 'When I Come Back Round (Matthew Herbert Long Night dub)' (Accidental) 27/02/17 (EP)
Michael Mayer 'For You (DJ Koze Remixes)' (Studio !K7) 27/02/17 (Single)
Phil Kieran 'Blinded By The Sun (Remixes #1)' (Hot Creations) 27/02/17 (EP)
Fiedel 'Substance B' (Ostgut Ton) 28/02/17 (Single)
The Orb 'COW Remixes: Sin In Space Part 3' (Kompakt) 28/02/17 (EP)

Sunday, 15 January 2017

[January 2017] Everything is permitted

Akufen 'EP' (Karat) 03/01/17 (EP)
Moebius 'Metropolis' (Bureau B) 06/01/17 (Album)
Richard Wolfsdorf 'MDRNTY002' (MDRNTY) 16/01/17 (EP)
East Wall 'Eyes Of Glass' (Dark Entries) 16/01/17 (Reissue)
Kirlian Camera 'Helden Platz' (Dark Entries) 16/01/17 (Reissue)
East Wall 'Silence' (Dark Entries) 16/01/17 (Reissue)
You Speak What I Feel 'My Good Friends Tell Me That' (Boomkat Editions) 17/01/17 (Single)
Prostitutes 'Dance Tracksz' (Diagonal) 17/01/17 (Album)
Die Wilde Jagd 'Geisterfahrer' (Correspondant) 23/01/17 (Single)
Isolée 'Mangroove' (Maeve) 23/01/17 (Single)
Dettmann | Klock 'Phantom Studies' (Ostgut Ton) 27/01/17 (EP)
Matthew Dear 'DJ-Kicks' (!K7) 27/01/17 (Compilation)