Saturday, 16 December 2017

[December 2017] The Brain Sneezing

Marcel Dettmann 'Marcel Dettmann presents RAUCH' (A-Ton) 01/12/17 (Album)
Mesh 'Live at Neues Gewandhaus Leipzig' (Dependent) 01/12/17 (Album)
Scanner 'Fibolae' (Pomperipossa) 01/12/17 (Album)
Clark 'Honey Badger / Pig' (Warp) 04/12/17 (Limited Single)
Various 'Deutsche Elektronische Musik 3: Experimental German Rock and Electronic Music 1971-81' (Soul Jazz) 04/12/17 (Compilation)
Various 'Speicher 100' (Kompakt Extra) 07/12/17 (EP)
DVS1 'fabric 96' (Fabric) 08/12/17 (Compilation)
Biosphere 'Shenzhou' (Biophon) 08/12/17 (Reissue)
Thom Yorke 'Tomorrow's Modern Boxes' (XL) 08/12/17 (Reissue)
Second Storey 'Lucid Reworks' (Houndstooth) 11/12/17 (EP)
VNV Nation 'Empires' (Anachron Sounds) 15/12/17 (Reissue)
Beak> 'Sex Music' (Invada) 25/12/17 (Single)

Friday, 17 November 2017

[November 2017] Consumerist Announcement.

James Holden & The Animal Spirits 'The Animal Spirits' (Border Community) 03/11/17 (Album)
Acid Jesus 'Flashbacks - 1992-1998' (Alter Ego) 03/11/17 (Compilation)
Erol Alkan 'Reworks Volume 1' (Phantasy Sound) 03/11/17 (Compilation)
Coil 'Time Machines' (Dais) 03/11/17 (Reissue)
Various 'Watergate XV' (Watergate) 06/11/17 (Box Set)
Powell 'New Beta Vol. 2' (Diagonal) 07/11/17 (Mini-Album)
Call Super 'Arpo' (Houndstooth) 10/11/17 (Album)
LSD 'Process' (Ostgut Ton) 16/11/17 (EP)
Massimiliano Pagliara 'Devoid Of Dimension Part 1' (Live At Robert Johnson) 16/11/17 (EP)
Massimiliano Pagliara 'Devoid Of Dimension Part 2' (Live At Robert Johnson) 16/11/17 (EP)
Terry Burrows & Daniel Miller 'Mute: A Visual Document' (Thames and Hudson) 16/11/17 (Book)
Cosey Fanni Tutti 'Time To Tell' (CTI) 17/11/17 (Limited Album)
Godflesh 'Post Self' (Avalanche) 17/11/17 (Album)
Various 'Pop Ambient 2018' (Kompakt) 17/11/17 (Compilation)
Cluster 'QUA' (Bureau B) 17/11/17 (Reissue)
Cluster and Farnbauer 'Live in Vienna 1980' (Bureau B) 17/11/17 (Reissue)
Björk 'Utopia' (One Little Indian) 24/11/17 (Album)
Prins Thomas 'Prins Thomas 5' (Prins Thomas Musikk) 24/11/17 (Album)
The Orb 'The Orb Chronicles - 20 Years of Shitkatapult' (Shitkatapult) 24/11/17 (Compilation)
Various 'Scopex 1998-2000' (Tresor) 24/11/17 (Compilation)
A Certain Ratio 'The Graveyard and The Ballroom' (Mute) 24/11/17 (Reissue)
A Certain Ratio 'To Each' (Mute) 24/11/17 (Reissue)
A Certain Ratio 'Force' (Mute) 24/11/17 (Reissue)
Throbbing Gristle 'The Second Annual Report' (Mute) 24/11/17 (Reissue)
Throbbing Gristle '20 Jazz Funk Greats' (Mute) 24/11/17 (Reissue)
Throbbing Gristle 'The Taste of TG: A Begginer's Guide to Throbbing Gristle' (Mute) 24/11/17 (Reissue)

Saturday, 14 October 2017

[October 2017 Get A Move On]

Autechre 'JNSN CODE GL16' (Touched) 02/10/17 (Single)
Bjørn Torske and Prins Thomas 'Arpa' (Smalltown Supersound) 06/10/17 (Single)
Andrew Hung 'Realisationship' (Lex) 06/10/17 (Album)
Daphni 'Joli Mai' (Jiaolong) 06/10/17 (Album)
die ANGEL 'Entropien I' (Cosmo Rhythmatic) 06/10/17 (Album)
The Mole 'De La Planet' (Maybe Tomorrow) 06/10/17 (Album)
Simian Mobile Disco 'ADSR Expansion: B-Sides And Remixes' (Wichita) 06/10/17 (Compilation)
Simian Mobile Disco 'Attack Decay Sustain Release - Remastered Reissue' (Wichita) 06/10/17 (Reissue)
Model 500 'No UFO's' (Metroplex) 09/10/17 (Reissue)
Thomas Brinkmann 'Retrospektiv' (Third Ear) 12/10/17 (Compilation)
Snog 'Corporate Slave 2525' (Metropolis) 13/10/17 (Single)
Special Request 'Belief System' (Houndstooth) 13/10/17 (Album)
Roman Flügel 'fabric 95' (Fabric) 13/10/017 (Compilation)
Errorsmith 'Superlative Fatigue' (PAN) 20/10/17 (Album)
Lindstrøm 'It's Alright Between Us As It Is' (Smalltown Supersound) 20/10/17 (Album)
Rødhåd 'Anxious' (Dystopian) 20/10/17 (Album)
John Carpenter 'Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998' (Sacred Bones) 20/10/17 (Compilation)
Simian Mobile Disco 'Anthology: Ten Years Of SMD' (Wichita) 20/10/17 (Compilation)
Helena Hauff 'Have You Been There, Have You Seen It' (Ninja Tune) 27/10/17 (EP)
Dave Clarke 'The Desecration Of Desire' (Skint) 27/10/17 (Album)
John Maus 'Screen Memories' (Ribbon Music) 27/10/17 (Album)
Not Waving 'Good Luck' (Diagonal) 27/10/17 (Album)
Metro Area 'Metro Area' (Environ) 27/10/17 (Reissue)
Burial 'Pre Dawn / Indoors' (Nonplus) 30/10/17 (Single)
Vermont 'II Remixes' (Kompakt) 30/10/17 (EP)
LoSoul 'Open Door' (Another Picture) 30/10/17 (Reissue)

Saturday, 16 September 2017

[September 2017] This Is Home Entertainment

Matt Karmil 'Can't Find It (The House Sound)' (Smalltown Supersound) 01/09/17 (Single)
The Knife 'Shaking The Habitual: Live At Terminal 5' (Rabid) 01/09/17 (Album)
Various 'Total 17' (Kompakt) 01/09/17 (Compilation)
Etapp Kyle 'Alpha' (Ostgut Ton) 08/09/17 (EP)
Various 'Permanent Vacation X' (Permanent Vacation) 08/09/17 (Compilation)
Larry Heard 'Virtual Emotion / Supernova' (Alleviated) 11/09/17 (Single)
Coil 'A Cold Cell In Bangkok' (Optimo Music) 15/09/17 (Single)
Lindstrøm 'Tensions' (Smalltown Supersound) 15/09/17 (Single)
Radio Slave 'Feel The Same' (Rekids) 15/09/17 (Album)
Various 'Running Back Mastermix' (Running Back) 15/09/17 (Compilation)
Bark Psychosis 'Hex' (Fire) 15/09/17 (Reissue)
Various '80s Underground Cassette Culture Volume 1' (Contort Yourself) 18/09/17 (Compilation)
Hypnobeat 'Prototech' (Dark Entries) 20/09/17 (Compilation)
Severed Heads 'Come Visit The Big Bigot' (Dark Entries) 20/09/17 (Reissue)
Björk 'The Gate' (The Vinyl Factory) 22/09/17 (Limited Single)
Burial 'Rodent' (Hyperdub) 22/09/17 (Single)
Steffi 'World Of The Waking State' (Ostgut Ton) 22/09/17 (Album)
Cube 40 'You Make Me Function' (Was/Is) 25/09/17 (Reissue)
Various 'Klockworks 20' (Klockworks) 25/09/17 (Compilation)
Ellen Allien 'Nost RMXS 1' (BPitch Control) 29/09/17 (Single)
Nicolas Bougaïeff 'Cognitive Resonance' (NovaMute) 29/09/17 (Single)
Samuel Rohrer 'Range of Regularity Remixes II' (Arjunamusic) 29/09/17 (EP)
Andrew Weatherall 'Qualia' (Höga Nord Rekords) 29/09/17 (Album)
Ash Ra Tempel Experience 'Live In Melbourne' (MG.ART) 29/09/17 (Album)
DAF 'DAS IST DAF' (Grönland) 29/09/17 (Box Set)
Four Tet 'New Energy' (Text) 29/09/17 (Album)
Lone 'DJ-Kicks' (!K7) 29/09/17 (Compilation)
Various 'From Sound To Silence' (Obscura) 29/09/17 (Compilation)

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

August 2017: (Otherside)

Philus 'Kolmio' (Sähkö) 07/08/17 (Reissue)
DJ Shadow 'The Mountain Has Fallen' (Mass Appeal) 14/08/17 (EP)
Four Tet 'SW9 9SL / Planet' (Text) 15/08/17 (Single)
UNKLE 'The Road: Part 1' (Songs For The Def) 18/08/17 (Album)
The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu '2023: A Trilogy' (Faber & Faber) 23/08/17 (Book)
B12 'Electro-Soma' (Warp) 24/08/17 (Reissue)
B12 'Electro-Soma II' (Warp) 24/08/17 (Compilation)
Dungen 'Haxan (Prins Thomas Version)' (Smalltown Supersound) 25/08/17 (Album)
Liars 'TFCF' (Mute) 25/08/17 (Album)
Second Storey 'Lucid Locations' (Houndstooth) 25/08/17 (Album)
Die Krupps 'Stahlwerksynfonie' (Artoffact) 25/08/17 (Vinyl Reissue)
Andrew Weatherall 'Kiyadub' (Byrd Out) 28/08/17 (EP)
SW 'The Album' (Apollo) 28/08/17 (Album)
Craig Richards 'Sleeping Rough' (The Nothing Special) 28/08/17 (Reissue)
Popol Vuh 'For You and Me' (One Way Static) 31/08/17 (Reissue)

Sunday, 16 July 2017

July 2017 . A Shot In The Dark

Various 'Superlongevity Six' (Perlon) 03/07/17 (Compilation)
Bjørn Torske & Prins Thomas 'Square One' (Smalltown Supersound) 07/07/17 (Album)
Schneider Kacirek 'Radius Walk' (Bureau B) 07/07/17 (Album)
DJ Stingray 'Kern Vol. 4' (Tresor) 07/07/17 (Compilation)
Clint Mansell 'Black Mirror: San Junipero (Original Score)' (Invada) 14/07/17 (Album)
Laibach 'Also Sprach Zarathustra' (Mute) 14/07/17 (Album)
DJ Tennis 'DJ-Kicks' (!K7) 14/07/17 (Compilation)
Maximum Joy 'I Can't Stand It Here On Quiet Nights' (Silent Street) 14/07/17 (Compilation)
Psychic TV 'Allegory and Self' (Sacred Bones / Dais) 14/07/17 (Reissue)
Psychic TV 'Pagan Day' (Sacred Bones / Dais) 14/07/17 (Reissue)
Radio Slave 'Children Of The E Music Remixes' (Running Back) 17/07/17 (EP)
The Mole 'I Love The Spicy Noodle Man' (Maybe Tomorrow) 17/07/17 (Single)
Zu Dobson 'Apple Knife / Wisdom Of Rumi' (Bird Scarer) 17/07/17 (EP)
Various 'Now And Then' (So Low) 21/07/17 (Single)
Daphni 'Fabriclive 93' (Fabric) 21/07/17 (Compilation)
Robotiko Rejekto 'Rejekto!' (Optimo Trax) 21/07/17 (Reissue)
Borderland 'Angles' (Tresor) 28/07/17 (EP)

Friday, 16 June 2017

June 2017 . Resistance & Survival

Todd Terje feat. Det Gylne Triangel 'Maskindans' (Olsen) 02/06/17 (Single)
Mika Vainio 'Reat' (Elektro Music Department) 02/06/17 (Album)
Omar Souleyman 'To Syria, With Love' (Mad Decent) 02/06/17 (Album)
Mark Broom 'One Sound/Myth' (EPM) 05/06/17 (EP)
Powell 'New Beta Vol. 1' (Diagonal) 08/06/17 (Mini-Album)
Nick Höppner 'Work' (Ostgut Ton) 09/06/17 (Album)
Faust 'Od Serca Do Duszy' (Dirter) 12/06/17 (Reissue)
Morgan Geist 'Megaprojects Two' (Environ) 16/06/17 (EP)
Yello 'Frautonium (The Andrew Weatherall Remixes)' (Blank Media) 16/06/17 (Single)
Si Begg 'Blueprints' (Shitkatapult) 16/06/17 (Album)
Can 'The Singles' (Mute/Spoon) 16/06/17 (Compilation)
Steffi 'fabric 94' (Fabric) 16/06/17 (Compilation)
Dieter Moebius 'Ding' (Bureau B) 16/06/17 (Reissue)
Dieter Moebius 'Kram' (Bureau B) 16/06/17 (Reissue)
Maceo Plex 'The Tesseract' (Ellum Audio) 19/06/17 (EP)
Der Plan 'Unkapitulierbar' (Bureau B) 23/06/17 (Album)
Porter Ricks 'Anguilla Electrica' (Tresor) 23/06/17 (Album)
Marcel Dettmann 'Selectors 003' (Dekmantel) 23/06/17 (Compilation)
Jack Peoples 'Laptop Cafe' (Clone Aqualung Series) 26/06/17 (Album)
Kobosil '105' (Ostgut Ton) 30/06/17 (EP)
Bogus Order 'Zen Brakes Vol. 2' (Ahead Of Our Time) 30/06/17 (Album)
Richard H. Kirk 'Dasein' (Intone) 30/06/17 (Album)

Friday, 12 May 2017

[May 2017] Instant Replay

Faust 'Fresh Air' (Bureau B) 05/05/17 (Album)
I-LP-O In Dub 'Capital Dub Chapter 1' (Editions Mego) 05/05/17 (Album)
Luke Vibert 'UK Garave Vol 1' (Hypercolour) 05/05/17 (Album)
Radioactive Man 'Luxury Sky Garden' (Asking For Trouble) 05/05/17 (Album)
Ricardo Villalobos 'Empirical House' ([a:rpia:r]) 05/05/17 (Album)
Slowdive 'Slowdive' (Dead Oceans) 05/05/17 (Album)
The Bug Vs. Earth 'Concrete Desert' (Ninja Tune) 05/05/17 (Album)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 'Lovely Creatures' (Mute) 05/05/17 (Box Set)
Dr. Octagon 'Dr. Octgonecologyst' (Get On Down) 05/05/17 (Box Set Reissue)
Swans 'The Great Annihilator' (Young God / Mute) 05/05/17 (Reissue)
Vatican Shadow 'Rubbish Of The Floodwaters' (Ostgut Ton) 09/05/17 (EP)
DJ Hell 'Zukunftsmusik' (International DeeJay Gigolo) 12/05/17 (Album)
Ellen Allien 'Nost' (BPitch Control) 12/05/17 (Album)
Cluster 'Konzerte 1972/1977' (Bureau B) 19/05/17 (Album)
Coldcut x On-U Sound 'Outside The Echo Chamber' (Ahead Of Our Time) 19/05/17 (Album)
Michael Mayer 'DJ-Kicks' (!K7) 19/05/17 (Compilation)
Various 'Lifesaver 3' (Live At Robert Johnson) 19/05/17 (Compilation)
Cyberaktif 'Tenebrae Vision' (Artoffact) 19/05/17 (Reissue)
Ministry 'In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up' (Artoffact) 19/05/17 (Vinyl Reissue)
!!! 'Shake The Shudder' (Warp) 21/05/17 (Album)
Villa H2H 'Villa H2H Villalobos Remix' (Perlon) 22/05/17 (EP)
Bola 'D.E.G.' (Skam) 25/05/17 (Album)
Burial 'Subtemple / Beachfires' (Hyperdub) 26/05/17 (Single)
Kraftwerk '3D The Catalogue' (EMI) 26/05/17 (Live Album)
New Order 'NOMC15' (Pledge Music) 26/05/17 (Live Album)

Friday, 14 April 2017

[April 2017] Hey Hey Can U Relate

Cosey Fanni Tutti 'Art Sex Music' (Faber) 06/04/17 (Book)
Booka Shade 'Galvany Street' (Blaufield) 07/04/17 (Album)
Clark 'Death Peak' (Warp) 07/04/17 (Album)
Dopplereffekt 'Cellular Automata' (Leisure System) 07/04/17 (Album)
Fujiya & Miyagi 'Fujiya & Miyagi' (Impossible Objects of Desire) 07/04/17 (Album)
Kreidler 'European Song' (Bureau B) 07/04/17 (Album)
Depeche Mode 'Where's The Revolution' (Columbia) 18/04/17 (Remix EP)
Mesh 'Runway' (Dependent) 21/04/17 (Single)
GAS 'Narkopop' (Kompakt) 21/04/17 (Album)
J Dilla 'Motor City' (Yancey Media Group) 21/04/17 (Album)
Tobias. 'Eyes In The Center' (Ostgut Ton) 21/04/17 (Album)
Camera / Richard Pinhas 'Split' (Bureau B) 22/04/17 (Limited Single)
Faust / Ulan Bator 'Split' (Bureau B) 22/04/17 (Limited Single)
Lindstrøm / Erot 'Closing Shot (Radio Edit) / Song For Annie' (Paper Recordings) 22/04/17 (Limited Single)
Peter Baumann / Conrad Schnitzler & Pyrolator / Schneider TM 'Split' (Bureau B) 22/04/17 (Limited Single)
Peter Schilling 'Major Tom' (Rhino) 22/04/17 (Limited Single)
La Düsseldorf 'The Singles' (Rhino) 22/04/17 (Limited Compilation)
The Future Sound Of London 'Archived Environmental Views' (Passion Music/FSOL Digital) 22/04/17 (Limited Compilation) 
Jan Jelinek 'Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records' (Faitiche) 28/04/17 (Reissue)

Friday, 17 March 2017

March 2017. Dream Baby Dream

Prins Thomas 'The Orb Remixes' (Smalltown Supersound) 02/03/17 (EP)
Booka Shade 'Babylon' (Blaufield) 03/03/17 (Single)
Depeche Mode 'Where's The Revolution' (Columbia) 03/03/17 (Single)
Blanck Mass 'World Eater' (Sacred Bones) 03/03/17 (Album)
Sleaford Mods 'English Tapas' (Rough Trade) 03/03/17 (Album)
Reinhard Voigt / Terranova 'Speicher 94' (Kompakt Extra) 07/03/17 (Single)
Telephones 'Vibe Remixes' (Running Back) 08/03/17 (EP)
Nathan Fake 'Providence' (Ninja Tune) 10/03/17 (Album)
Shobaleader One 'Elektrac' (Warp) 10/03/17 (Album)
Theo Parrish 'First Floor' (Peacefrog) 10/03/17 (Reissue)
ADULT. 'Detroit House Guests' (Mute) 17/03/17 (Album)
Depeche Mode 'Spirit' (Columbia) 17/03/17 (Album)
Dead Can Dance 'Aion' (4AD) 17/03/17 (Reissue)
Dead Can Dance 'The Serpent's Egg' (4AD) 17/03/17 (Reissue)
Dead Can Dance 'Spiritchaser' (4AD) 17/03/17 (Reissue)
Source Book 1 (Raster-Noton) 17/03/17 (Book)
Chris Hewitt 'Martin Hannett - His Equipment and Strawberry Studios' 23/03/17 (Book)
Conrad Schnitzler & Pole 'Con-struct' (Bureau B) 24/03/17 (Album)
Goldfrapp 'Silver Eye' (Mute) 31/03/17 (Album)
Hauschka 'What If' (City Slang / Temporary Residence) 31/03/17 (Album)
Max Loderbauer & Jacek Sienkiewicz 'END' (Recognition) 31/03/17 (Album)
Wire 'Silver/Lead' (pinkflag) 31/03/17 (Album)
Various 'Soma25' (Soma) 31/03/17 (Box Set)

Friday, 17 February 2017

[February 2017] Nothing is true

Moodymann 'Mahogany Brown' (Peacefrog) 02/02/17 (Reissue)
New Order 'Be Music' (Factory Benelux) 03/02/17 (Compilation)
Rhythim is Rhythim 'Strings Of Life' (Transmat) 03/02/17 (Reissue)
The Neon Judgement 'Cockerill-Sombre' (Dark Entries) 06/02/17 (Reissue)
Massimiliano Pagliara 'Time And Again' (Ostgut Ton) 07/02/17 (EP)
Conrad Schnitzler 'Filmmusik 2' (Bureau B) 10/02/17 (Album)
Tinariwen 'Elwan' (Wedge) 10/02/17 (Album)
Tosca 'Going Going Going' (!K7) 10/02/17 (Album)
Daniel B. Prothese 'Uberlastung' (Alfa Matrix) 10/02/17 (Box Set)
Underviewer 'Wonders & Monsters' (Alfa Matrix) 10/02/17 (Compilation)
Various 'Magnetband: Experimenteller Elektronik-Underground DDR 1984–1989' (Bureau B) 10/02/17 (Compilation)
Various 'Sammlung: Elektronische Kassettenmusik Düsseldorf 1982–1989' (Bureau B) 10/02/17 (Compilation)
The Other People Place 'Lifestyles Of The Laptop Café' (Warp) 10/02/17 (Reissue)
Prins Thomas 'Remixed' (Smalltown Supersound) 17/02/17 (EP)
Radio Slave 'Another Club / Feel The Same' (Rekids) 17/02/17 (Single)
Timothy J. Fairplay 'Where Is The Champion?' (Charlois) 20/02/17 (Album)
Todd Terje 'Jungelknugen' (Olsen) 22/02/17 (Single)
Sherwood & Pinch 'Man Vs. Sofa' (On-U Sound) 24/02/17 (Album)
The Golden Filter 'Still // Alone' (Optimo) 24/02/17 (Album)
Jamie Lidell 'When I Come Back Round (Matthew Herbert Long Night dub)' (Accidental) 27/02/17 (EP)
Michael Mayer 'For You (DJ Koze Remixes)' (Studio !K7) 27/02/17 (Single)
Phil Kieran 'Blinded By The Sun (Remixes #1)' (Hot Creations) 27/02/17 (EP)
Fiedel 'Substance B' (Ostgut Ton) 28/02/17 (Single)
The Orb 'COW Remixes: Sin In Space Part 3' (Kompakt) 28/02/17 (EP)

Sunday, 15 January 2017

[January 2017] Everything is permitted

Akufen 'EP' (Karat) 03/01/17 (EP)
Moebius 'Metropolis' (Bureau B) 06/01/17 (Album)
Richard Wolfsdorf 'MDRNTY002' (MDRNTY) 16/01/17 (EP)
East Wall 'Eyes Of Glass' (Dark Entries) 16/01/17 (Reissue)
Kirlian Camera 'Helden Platz' (Dark Entries) 16/01/17 (Reissue)
East Wall 'Silence' (Dark Entries) 16/01/17 (Reissue)
You Speak What I Feel 'My Good Friends Tell Me That' (Boomkat Editions) 17/01/17 (Single)
Prostitutes 'Dance Tracksz' (Diagonal) 17/01/17 (Album)
Die Wilde Jagd 'Geisterfahrer' (Correspondant) 23/01/17 (Single)
Isolée 'Mangroove' (Maeve) 23/01/17 (Single)
Dettmann | Klock 'Phantom Studies' (Ostgut Ton) 27/01/17 (EP)
Matthew Dear 'DJ-Kicks' (!K7) 27/01/17 (Compilation)