Saturday, 31 January 2009

New Music January 2009

Ben Klock 'Before One EP' (Ostgut Ton) 12/01/09 (Single)
John Tejada 'Fractals' (Palette) 12/01/09 (Single)
Martin Buttrich 'Stoned Autopilot (Carl Craig Remix)' (Planet E) 12/01/09 (Single)
Studio 1 'Studio Eins' (Kompakt) 12/01/09 (Reissue)
Various 'Fabric 44: John Tejada' (Fabric) 12/01/09 (Compilation)
Die Krupps 'Volle Kraft Null Acht' (Synthetic Symphony) 16/01/09 (Remix Album)
Mr G 'Make No Sense' (Rekids) 19/01/09 (Single)
Squarepusher 'Numbers Lucent' (Warp) 19/01/09 (EP)
Robert Henke 'Atom/Document' (Imbalance Computer Music) 20/01/09 (Album)
Telefon Tel Aviv 'Immolate Yourself' (BPitch Control) 20/01/09 (Album)
Nôze 'You Have To Dance' (Get Physical) 21/01/09 (Single)
Camouflage 'Live in Dresden' (Synthethic Symphony) 23/01/09 (DVD)
Samuel L Session 'Another Day EP' (Music Man) 26/01/09 (Single)
Hudson Mohawke 'Polyfolk Dance' (Warp) 26/01/09 (EP)
Alva Noto 'Xerrox Vol. 2' (Raster-Noton) 26/01/09 (Album)
Atom™ 'Liedgut' (Raster-Noton) 26/01/09 (Album)
Circlesquare 'Songs About Dancing and Drugs' (K7) 26/01/09 (Album)
Various 'Somabeta' (Soma) 26/01/09 (Compilation)
De/Vision 'Noob' (Metropolis) 27/01/09 (Album)
And One 'Bodypop 1.5' (Out of Line) 30/01/09 (Album)
Cabaret Voltaire 'Kora!Kora!Kora! Cabaret Voltaire Versions' (Shiva) (Album)
Jesse Rose 'What Do You Do If You Don't?' (Dubsided) (Album)
Various 'Freshly Composted Vol. 3' (Compost) (Compilation)
Various 'Rekids Revolution' (Rekids) (Compilation)