Monday, 17 November 2014

November 2014 / the more we self-brand, the less we stand out

Liars 'I’m No Gold' (Mute) 03/11/14 (Single)
Murat Tepeli 'Drop It Like It's Hot' (Potions) 03/11/14 (EP)
Clark 'Clark' (Warp) 03/11/14 (Album)
Vladislav Delay 'Visa' (Ripatti) 06/11/14(Album)
Einstürzende Neubauten 'Lament' (Rough Trade) 07/11/14 (Album)
Steffi 'Power of Anonymity' (Ostgut Ton) 08/11/14 (Album)
Felix Denk & Sven von Thülen 'Der Klang Der Familie' (Suhrkamp) 09/11/14 (Book)
Anthony Parasole 'My Block' (Ostut Ton) 10/11/14 (EP)
Hreno/The Mole/Ernesto Ferreyra 'Best Buds Vol. 1' (Maybe Tomorrow) 10/11/14 (Single)
Beak> '+' (Invada) 10/11/14 (Album)
Session Victim 'See You When You Get There' (Delusions Of Grandeur) 10/11/14 (Album)
Various 'Beats In Space 15th Anniversary' (Beats In Space) 10/11/14 (Compilation)
Various 'Pop Ambient 2015' (Kompakt) 10/11/14 (Compilation)
Dr. Octagon 'Droppin' Bagels' (Funky Ass) 11/11/14 (Limited Single)
Alphaville 'SO80S Presents (Curated by Blank & Jones)' (Sound Colors) 11/10/14 (Compilation)
Illum Sphere 'Fabriclive 78' (Fabric) 11/11/14 (Compilation)
Cristian Vogel 'Polyphonic Beings' (Shitkatapult) 14/11/14 (Album)
Conrad Schnitzler 'Gelb' (Bureau B) 14/11/14 (Reissue)
Conrad Schnitzler 'Grün' (Bureau B) 14/11/14 (Reissue)
Mark E 'AVION' (Spectral Sound) 17/11/14 (EP)
Savages & Bo Ningen 'Words To The Blind' (Stolen / Pop Noire) 17/11/14 (Album)
Depeche Mode 'Live in Berlin' (Sony) 17/11/14 (DVD)
Cho Young-Wuk 'Oldboy OST' (Invada) 18/11/14 (Album)
Lawrence 'A Day In The Life' (Mule Musiq) 24/11/14 (Album)
Heiko Laux 'Fernweh' (Kanzleramt) 27/11/14 (Album)
The Bug vs. Earth 'Boa/Cold' (Ninja Tune) 28/11/14 (Single)
Faust 'j US t' (Bureau B) 28/11/14 (Album)