Saturday, 16 January 2016

[January 2016] Walking Backwards

Tiger & Woods 'Scoring Clubs Pt. 2' (T&W) 08/01/16 (EP)
The Woodleigh Research Facility 'The Phoenix Suburb' (Rotters Golf Club) 08/01/16 (Album)
Monolake ‎'C G' (Monolake / Imbalance Computer Music) 15/01/16 (Single)
Muslimgauze / Underspreche 'Optimo Trax 018' (Optimo Trax) 15/01/16 (EP)
Prins Thomas 'Toransu' (Full Pupp) 15/01/16 (EP)
The Orb 'Moonbuilding 2703 AD (Remixes)' (Kompakt) 15/01/16 (EP)
Dave DK 'Val Maira Remixe' (Kompakt) 19/01/16 (Single)
Gagarin Kombinaatti '83-85' (Sähkö) 19/01/16 (Compilation)
Alex Smoke 'Love Over Will' (R&S) 22/01/16 (Album)
This Heat 'This Heat' (Light in the Attic) 22/01/16 (Reissue)
This Heat 'Health and Efficiency' (Light in the Attic) 22/01/16 (Reissue)
This Heat 'Deceit' (Light in the Attic) 22/01/16 (Reissue)
Jesse Rose 'Fabriclive 85' (Fabric) 22/01/16 (Compilation)
Savages 'Adore Life' (Matador) 26/01/16 (Album)
Manuel Göttsching 'E2-E4' (MG.ART) 26/01/16 (Reissue)
Neil Landstrumm 'Extreme Pleasure EP' (Zone) 27/01/16 (EP)
Massive Attack 'Ritual Spirit' (Virgin/EMI) 28/01/16 (EP)
Pole 'Lurch (Version)' (Pole) 29/01/16 (Single)
Sueño Latino with Manuel Goettsching 'Sueño Latino With Manuel Gottsching Performing E2 E4' (Dance Floor Corporation) 29/01/16 (Reissue)
Surgeon 'From Farthest Known Objects' (Dynamic Tension) 29/01/16 (Album)
Baumann/Koek 'Baumann/Koek' (Bureau B) 29/01/16 (Reissue)
Sound Patrol 'Sweetened - No Lemon' (Arts & Labour) 29/01/16 (Reissue)