Thursday, 16 August 2012

August 2012: The Culling Is Coming

Other Lives / Atoms For Peace 'Tamer Animals / Other Side' (50 Weapons XTR) 03/08/12 (Single)
Camera 'Radiate!' (Bureau B) 03/08/12 (Album)
Savages 'Husbands / Flying to Berlin' (Pop Noire) 06/08/12 (Reissue)
DJ Kentaro 'Contrast' (Ninja Tune) 06/08/12 (Album) 
Wishmountain 'Tesco' (Accidental) 06/08/12 (Album)
Various 'Eraserhead OST' (Sacred Bones) 06/08/12 (Reissue) 
Dead Can Dance 'Anastasis' 13/08/12 (Album)
Dj Shadow 'Total Breakdown: Hidden Transmissions From The MPC Era, 1992-1996' (Reconstruction Productions) 15/08/12 (Compilation)
VCMG 'EP3 / Aftermaths' (Mute) 20/08/12 (EP)
Adrian Sherwood 'Survival and Resistance' (On-U Sound) 20/08/12 (Album)
Four Tet 'Pink' (Text) 20/08/12 (Album) 
Matthias Tanzmann 'fabric 65' (fabric) 20/08/12 (Compilation)
Moebius & Plank 'En Route' (Bureau B) 24/08/12 (Reissue)
Robag Wruhme 'The Olgamikks' (Nachtdigital) 24/08/12 (Compilation)
Genesis P-Orridge & Stan Bingo 'What’s History' (Dais) 25/08/12 (Limited Reissue) 
Factory Floor 'Two Different Ways Remixes' (DFA) 27/08/12 (Single)
Pole 'Waldgeschichten 3' (Pole) 27/08/12 (EP) 
Matthew Dear 'Beams' (Ghostly International) 27/08/12 (Album)
Nathan Fake 'Steam Days' (Border Community) 27/08/12 (Album)
Swans 'The Seer' (Young God) 27/08/12 (Album)
Matthew Herbert '100 lbs' (Accidental) 27/08/12 (Reissue)
Matthew Herbert 'Around The House' (Accidental) 27/08/12 (Reissue)
Matthew Herbert 'Bodily Functions' (Accidental) 27/08/12 (Reissue)
Matthew Herbert 'Scale' (Accidental) 27/08/12 (Reissue)
The Birthday Party 'Junkyard' (4AD) 27/08/12 (Reissue)
Recoil 'A Strange Hour in Budapest' (Alfa Matrix) 31/08/12 (Blu Ray)