Wednesday, 19 September 2012

September 2012: Remember Who You Are!

Clark 'Fantasm Planes' (Warp) 03/09/12 (EP)
The Mole 'If I Had A Nickel' (Maybe Tomorrow) 03/09/12 (EP)
Land Observations 'Roman Roads IV-XI' (Mute) 03/09/12 (Album)
Mika Vainio 'FE3O4 - Magnetite' (Touch) 03/09/12 (Album)
The Orb & Lee 'Scratch' Perry 'The Orbserver In The Star House' (Cooking Vinyl) 03/09/12 (Album)
Laibach 'An Introduction To… Laibach / Reproduction Prohibited' (Mute) 03/09/12 (Compilation)
Various 'FAC. DANCE 02' (Strut) 03/09/12 (Compilation)
Various 'Another Bugged Out Mix / Another Bugged In Selection by Erol Alkan' (!K7) 04/09/12 (Compilation)
Barker & Baumecker 'Transsektoral' (Ostgut Ton) 10/09/12 (Album)
John Tejada 'The Predicting Machine' (Kompakt) 10/09/12 (Album)
Pip Piper 'Last Shop Standing' (Blue Hippo) 10/09/12 (DVD)
The Presets 'Pacifica' (Modular) 14/09/12 (Album)
Kid Koala '12 Bit Blues' (Ninja Tune) 17/09/12 (Album)
Klaartje Quirijns 'Anton Corbijn - Inside Out' (Momentum Pictures) 17/09/12 (DVD)
Robert Marlow 'The Blackwing Sessions' (Electro-Shock) 19/09/12 (EP) 
Steffi 'Schraper EP' (Ostgut Ton) 24/09/12 (EP)
Justin Berkovi 'Mondrian' (Trapez) 24/09/12 (Album)
Stefan Goldmann '17:50' (Macro) 24/09/12 (Album)
The Advent 'Sonic Intervention' (H-Productions) 24/09/12 (Album)
Third Culture 'Negative Time' (My Favorite Robot) 24/09/12 (Album)
Crime and the City Solution 'An Introduction To...A History of Crime. Berlin 1987-1991' (Mute) 24/09/12 (Compilation)
Various 'Balance 22: Funk D'Void' (Balance) 24/09/12 (Compilation)
Tussle 'Tempest' (Smalltown Supersound) 25/09/12 (Album)